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Manix Skyn Extra lubricated - non-latex (14 Condoms)

from Manix
Manix Skyn Extra lubricated - non-latex (14 Condoms) CHF 16.90 In Stock In StockFree Shipping!
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from Manix
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Manix Skyn Extra lubricated - The condom that gives you the feeling of wearing nothing, with long-lasting lubrication!

Discover this revolutionary condom made of polyisoprene, a material that is barely perceptible when worn, which will make your intimate moments even more intense and exciting.

With the Manix Skyn Extra Lubricated condom, enjoy all the best properties of latex with none of the drawbacks - and that's not all... Experience intense and natural sensations thanks to its unique design, making it feel like a 'second skin’.

Its super-soft gel provides lubrication that lasts 40% longer than the normal Skyn condom, for maximum comfort.

• Soft feel: with enhanced comfort, this condom marries itself to the male anatomy far better
• Maximum safety: matches the resistance of latex condoms of standard thickness
• Extremely soft surface: Manix Skyn gives you a uniquely gentle feel thanks to the polyisoprene, a material that you can barely even feel when wearing it.

Material: Polyisoprene (latex-free)
Size: 53 mm nominal width - 180 mm long
Package content: 10 Manix Skyn Extra lubricated condoms (+ 4 free condoms)

Manix Skyn Extra lubricated - non-latex (14 Condoms)

Customer Reviews for Manix Skyn Extra lubricated - Non-latex condoms - Free delivery

4.7 out of 5 (7 reviews)
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« Best latex-free condoms »

By Tom on 29/07/2015

We've tried a few latex-free condoms, but these are the best so far.
They don't feel as plastic-y as most of the competition, and are rather soft instead.
Maybe still a little less sensitive than latex condoms, but over all pretty good!
They also seem to be fairly high quality.