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Manix Skyn Original - non-latex (20 Condoms)

from Manix
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Manix Condoms
from Manix
4.9 out of 5 (16 reviews)  Add your review

Manix Skyn Original (also known as LifeStyles Skyn) is a premium revolutionary condom made in polypropylene, the material you can hardly notice which best restitutes sensations.

Premium revolutionary condom made in polypropylene: combines the strenght of premium latex condom with the sensitivity of an ultra thin condom.

Does not contain natural rubber latex
Smooth, teat ended condoms
Colour: natural

Material: Polypropylene (latex-free)
Size: 53 mm nominal width - 180 mm long
Package content: 20 Manix Skyn Original condoms

Manix Skyn Original - non-latex (20 Condoms)

Customer Reviews for Manix Skyn Original non-latex - Buy online now on

4.9 out of 5 (16 reviews)
Add your review

« Best sensation ever »

By Cleopatra on 16/12/2016

After trying many different condoms, with no success i finally have founded the once that feels great with no allergic reaction and they don't take nothing away from the pleasure.

« IMHO the best condoms ever! »

By hannesb on 29/08/2015

I use the Skyn Original condoms since many years. The feel is perfect, almost (but only almost) like without a condom. Not too much lube, just enough! And latex free. They are very sturdy and work also for anal.

I always recommend them to friends and so far, only got good feedback!

I don't use anything else!