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Perfect Stroke Masturbator - Kendra Lust's Vagina

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Make love to the American porn actress Kendra Lust, thanks to this Zero Tolerance Perfect Stroke masturbator, which sucks and stimulates the penis, both when it's soft and when it's erect! With a vaginal orifice moulded directly from the vagina of Kendra Lust and signed by the star!

The Kendra Lust Perfect Stroke masturbator is a real innovation in the world of male masturbators. It is the first masturbator that literally sucks and stimulates the penis, whether it’s in a soft or hard state, thanks to a special vacuum effect.

Discover the first pump and stroker combination that lets you start "soft" and let the full experience unfold from the start to a glorious finish! It is perfect for people with erectile dysfunction but it is of course also enjoyable with a firm erection.

How to use the Perfect Stroke
1. Lubricate the masturbator's entry and your penis with water-based lube.
2. Sqweeze the black chamber to let the air out and create a vacuum.
3. Place your penis head, flaccid or erect, against the masturbator's entry hole.
4. Release the pressure to have your penis sucked into the device.
5. Each pull out motion creates a new vacuum effect, ready to suck it back in.

This masturbator features a vaginal orifice created using a mould of Kendra Lust's vagina. It has an internal texture that imitates the feel of vaginal penetration.

The Perfect Stroke masturbator from Zero Tolerance allows any man, erect of flaccid, to enjoy amazing sensations and ejaculation!

• Vacuum system that sucks and strokes flaccid and erect penises
• Perfect for erectile dysfuntion
• Life-like orifice and inner tunnel
• Comes in a metallic storage tube with a free lubricant sample and a code for a free Zero Tolerance movie download

Material: TPR (phtalates-free)
Measurements: 27 x 9 cm
Weight: about 1 kg
Model: Kendra Lust - Vagina

Perfect Stroke Masturbator - Kendra Lust's Vagina

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