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Enjoy new sensations with our large range of male masturbators. For forplay or solo masturbation, these personal mastubartors will take care of all your sexual desires. Pick one now and give yourself a mind blowing masturbation session. Free and discreet shipping on all sextoys.

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Pages: 123456

The latest Customer Reviews

Real Body My Man Male Masturbator

Real Body My Man Male Masturbator


By Jj81 on 17/07/2017

Thanks for this fantastic item VERY FAST DELIVERY and really cheap compared to the other shop. I will recommend this website to other friends. Thanks again

Close2You Paso Nero Vibrating Masturbator

Close2You Paso Nero Vibrating Masturbator

Nice addition to toy collection

By michael on 08/10/2016

I've a Fleshlight and Cobra Libre and like them both. The Fleshlight of course requires me to do some work and the Cobra Libre is only good for the end of the penis. Getting the Close 2You Paso Nero seemed like it would be a great combination of the two. In some ways it is, but as others have noted, it really is narrow in diameter. It does not have the lush feel of the Flashlight, nor as good of vibe combinations as the Cobra Libre, but it's still a nice variation. I warmed mine up with some hot… Read more

Blewit Male Masturbator

Blewit Male Masturbator

A solid evolution of the fleshlight concept

By CrazyPerson on 14/06/2016

Fundamentally, it's an off-brand fleshlight. You'd think that means it's an inferior product, but quite the opposite: The innovative cap means drying after cleaning is way easier, and the material is a bit firmer, delivering stronger sensations - though it will have higher friction despite lube, too. Adjusting vacuum with the endcap finally works reasonably well, and the casing grips nicely. Buy this if you want a solid masturbation tool and don't care about "a replica of your favorite va… Read more

Easy-Grip Handle for Autoblow 2

Easy-Grip Handle for Autoblow 2

Love this!

By SScott on 28/10/2015

What a great idea from the gang! SO great to add to your autoblow2! I love the feeling and the texture, it is highly recommended.

Tenga Vacuum Controller (+ free Tenga Deep Throat U.S. Cup)

Tenga Vacuum Controller (+ free Tenga Deep Throat U.S. Cup)


By Hjklasdfgklkl on 25/10/2015

A wonderful product, giving the best experience when used with the Tenga Deep Throat cup (normal version). Highly recommended ^^

Anna Polina (Dorcel Girl) Male Masturbator - Anus

Anna Polina (Dorcel Girl) Male Masturbator - Anus

Tight but good

By Telperien on 08/10/2015

A little tight but really good and easy to travel with. Easy to clean and always a good smell! And it's from Anna Polina =)

Choosing a's no easy task!

Masturbators are the fruit of many years of research into men's desires. Male sex toys have completely revolutionized the world of solo pleasure! From now on, when you are masturbating, there's no need to rely solely on your hands: you can also make use of masturbators, which are there to satisfy all your sexual desires. Don't leave it any longer to try out one of these revolutionary intimate toys for yourself and enjoy some brand new experiences. has a vast range of masturbators available and offers a huge selection of replica vaginas, anuses and mouths. Your erections and orgasms will soon take on a whole new dimension. You will also be able to experience the thrill of repeated ejaculations thanks to our range of toys for men. In order to find the masturbator that is most suitable for you, why not take a look at the customer reviews for some of our most popular toys.

When you use them, you'll experience intense sensations which accurately recreate the feeling of oral sex or of vaginal or anal penetration. A sensational masturbatory experience awaits you.

The top brands on the market are on sale here in Switzerland, in our sexy boutique. Labels such as Meiki, Tenga, Fleshlight, Autoblow 2, Fun Factory, Hot Octopuss, Penthouse and Spider produce high-quality masturbators at affordable prices.

There are lots of different types of toy and a wide range of technologies are involved. Fashioned out of super-soft materials such as CyberSkin or silicone, they perfectly reproduce the feel of the intimate parts of the body and allow for easy insertion of the penis. Their realistic design will give you an irresistible urge to try them out as soon as possible! The mouths often have a textured interior, whilst the vaginas and anuses can sometimes be adjusted, so that you can alter the pressure or the intensity of the suction.

Masturbator holders no longer come only in the shapes we have come to expect, such as those of a flashlight, cup or can. Indeed, the more sophisticated models now reproduce the bust, hips and intimate parts of a woman's body, thereby offering you even greater realism and a more aesthetically pleasing look. These models will give you a grip that is more exciting and arousing than anything you're used to.

Let your desires be your guide as you browse through our range of male masturbators, and choose the sex toy of your dreams. For sensations that feel even more real and thrilling, warm up your masturbator before penetration - you won't regret it!
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