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Meiki no Hinkaku Masturbator - Eiro Chika

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Meiki no Hinkaku: Eiro Chika continues one of the most popular adult toy series for men that have ever been created in Japan. The original series had lasting influence on the market. Seven years have been invested into design and conception of the realistic inner structure that generates this surprisingly sensation and made this series a worldwide bestseller. A successor has been overdue and many enthusiastic fans have been expecting one for a long time! Now the Japanese AV star Eiro Choka has been selected to step into the shoes of this great original series!

Meiki no Hinkaku: Eiro Chika is 17 cm long. The thickest part has a diameter of approximately 9 cm. The diameter at the slimmest part measures around 7 cm. It comes with a lubricant sample that features a light fragrance.

Masters of the Japanese adult industry have combined their experience to manufacture this Meiki in Hinkaku quality (Hinkaku is the Japanese word for grandeur). The result is a perfect replication of Eiro Chika's vagina!

Like the original versions of the Meiki no Hinkaku series this onahole has a closed rear end. Cleaning is a piece of cake though: just turn it's inside out like a sock! No need to be afraid of damaging it.

The material is super soft and smooth. Feel the Japanese quality! Of course it has been manufactured from nontoxic TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) that is almost odourless.

To engineer the inner structure of this Meiki onahole, the manufacturer has utilised secret data extracted by sophisticated technologies and in-depth analyses of Eiro Chika's real Meiki vagina in order to acquire an exemplary copy.

The curvy structure of the tunnel simulates the pressure of a women's body onto the penis. From the diagonally grooves at the entrance area to the lengthwise grooves at the end: it is just an unbelievable real experience! Penetrate this Meiki and slowly explore it until you reach the end!

Meiki no Hinkaku Masturbator - Eiro Chika

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5 out of 5 (1 review)

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