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Fair Squared Organic Menstrual Cup - Medium (vegan)

Fair Squared Organic Menstrual Cup - Medium (vegan) CHF 24.90

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The natural and vegan menstrual cup by Fair Squared collects the menstrual flow without absorbing it. Made in a natural rubber from organic farming, it is particularly flexible and manageable. This menstrual cup is an economical, hygienic and environmentally friendly alternative to tampons and other pads. Its round and convex shape will provide you with a discreet and comfortable intimate protection.

Made using a soft and flexible natural rubber, this smooth-surfaced menstrual cup collects the flow without absorbing it, so that the vaginal mucous membranes do not dry out. It contains only natural, vegan and fair trade ingredients. Ecological, it provides up to several hours of menstrual protection allowing you to forget about your period. This reusable menstrual cup lasts for years, making it a truly economical solution.

Insert this menstrual cup correctly, positioning it in the vagina at the base of the vaginal canal, lower than a tampon. Simply fold it on itself and hold it like this, while inserting it and pushing it up the vaginal canal. The cup unfolds automatically and covers the cervix. In order to create a "suction" effect, you just have to gently pull on the stem and you should feel a slight resistance. It does not leak, and you cannot feel it.

Choose the model of your menstrual cup according to the abundance of your menstruation, according to your age as well as whether you have previously given birth vaginally or not. Available sizes differ only in the amount they hold and their size.

Medium: For those who have not given birth vaginally or are under 30 years old.
Large: For those who have previously given birth or are over 30 years old.

For maximum comfort, ensure you wash your Fair Squared menstrual cup with a little warm water before and after each use. It is advised that you clean the cup more thoroughly between periods with a specialised cleaning solution, or sterilise it in boiling water. It comes with a certified organic cotton storage pouch.

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• Fair Squared menstrual cup (organic farming)
• Natural rubber from fair trade
• 100% effective alternative to tampons and pads
• Contains natural and vegan products
• Easy to use
• Environmentally friendly and cost effective
• Optimal size and smooth surface for easy use and maintenance
• FSC® certified (sustainable logging)
• Made in Germany

Material: Natural rubber (fair trade, organic farming)
Diameter: 2.9 cm
Length: 6.7 cm
Length of stem: 1.8 cm
Capacity: 12 ml

Fair Squared Organic Menstrual Cup - Medium (vegan)

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