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Menstrual Cups & Tampons

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Pages: 12

The latest Customer Reviews

Beppy Soft Comfort Tampons - Wet (30x)

Beppy Soft Comfort Tampons - Wet (30x)

Very useful

By Bruna on 16/02/2021

I recently learned to use these tampons. they are very practical to use, very easy to apply as well. I feel super comfortable with them ... and my sex life has improved a lot. I had very long menstrual periods of up to 14 days .. and I didn’t used to have relationships for that. now I can do it without taking “risks” of getting everything dirty.

Fun Factory Fun Cup - Menstrual cup - Size A

Fun Factory Fun Cup - Menstrual cup - Size A

Very good cup

By In26 on 16/09/2020

I tried other cups before but this fits the best. Colors are pretty and quality of silicon is nice. Easy to wash. There is no places where dust can collect.

Fun Factory Fun Cup - Menstrual cup - Size A+B (2 pieces)

Fun Factory Fun Cup - Menstrual cup - Size A+B (2 pieces)

Really great

By Monika on 09/04/2019

I have had both of these cups for last few months. They are really great. Easy in application, easy to wash. I can forget, that I have menstruation.

JoyDivision Soft Tampons - Normal (50x)

JoyDivision Soft Tampons - Normal (50x)

Difficult with small hands

By Pinky on 28/10/2015

I like the idea, I would get the wet ones instead of the dry ones I got. The loop is hard to grasp with small hands.

Menstrual cup in Switzerland

The Mooncup and the Divacup are reusable silicone menstrual cups that replace the use of tampons. The menstrual cups are comfortable, clean and eco-friendly. You can also buy soft tampons especially designed to be worn during sex.

What is a menstrual cup?

The menstrual cup is an ecological, hygienic and economic alternative to tampons and sanitary towels. It can be used instead of these other products during menstruation, in order to collect the flow without absorbing it. The reusable menstrual cup is made of medical-grade silicone, giving it a soft and gentle feel.

How do you wear a menstrual cup?

In order to find that position that is most appropriate for you, try using the menstrual cup before you have your period. When you insert it, you should be either seated or standing. If inserted correctly, i.e. lower than a tampon, you won’t feel it at all and it won’t leak. In order for it to slip more easily inside your vagina, you can hold it vertically and fold it in two. Its conical shape enables easy insertion and the little rod at the tip means that it can be pulled out safely. If the tip causes you discomfort, you can make it shorter using a pair of scissors. When you pull out the Mooncup or LadyCup, you’ll need to relax and lightly pinch the sides of the cup, so as to avoid an updraft.

How do you clean it?

The DivaCup has a surface that is smooth all over, making it very easy to keep in good condition. It should be rinsed with clean water, so as to avoid leaving any traces of soap or any other product on it. When your period comes to an end, the menstrual cup must be cleaned carefully using a specially adapted cleaner. You can also put it in some boiling water (for approx 5 minutes) to sterilize it. The menstrual cup can then be put away in its little carry case, away from UV light, so as to avoid it becoming discoloured or causing damage to its hypoallergenic silicone.

How do I choose the right size of menstrual cup?

The menstrual cup is available in two different sizes. Choosing the one that fits you best is easy, because it depends only on your age and on whether you have already given birth or not.
For young girls and young women, using a gel will make it easier to insert the menstrual cup.

Where can I buy a menstrual cup?

These menstrual cups are on sale in Switzerland at the official retailer! You’ll be able to choose between the MoonCup, the DivaCup or even the LadyCup - all three have been approved and are available in both sizes. In order to give you optimum user comfort and specially adapted hygiene, you can also purchase the menstrual cup cleaner DivaWash. These Swiss menstrual cups will definitely change your life!

How to use a Soft Tampon correctly

Revolutionise how you think about sport and sex during your period and enjoy more freedom with Soft Tampons!

What are soft tampons?

Hygienic and exceptionally supple, these tampons are designed to cover the entrance to the uterus. Each tampon looks like a small soft flexible sponge, and is invisible when worn as it has no string. Thanks to their special shape, they are easy to insert. They are highly absorbent and hold lots of fluid, making them an ideal intimate hygiene solution that offers up to 8 hours of protection. These tampons have been specially designed to provide women with maximum comfort and protection. They also fit the female anatomy perfectly. For maximum safety, soft tampons are dermatologically and clinically tested.

How to insert and remove soft tampons

Always wash your hands well before inserting or removing a tampon. The tampon should be compressed and inserted deeply into the vagina, so that it sits against the cervix. It is best to do this when sat down or squatting. It has a small notch into which you can push your finger for ease of removal. If you find it difficult to remove, introducing water into your vagina will make it much easier.

Advantages of soft tampons

Soft, comfortable and discreet, with no string, they absorb your menstrual flow perfectly. Once inserted, you won’t feel your tampon at all. You can have sex while wearing a soft tampon without your partner even noticing it’s there. They are ideal for the swimming pool, sauna and any other sporting activities.

Types of soft tampon

There are several kinds of soft tampon available, such as mini and normal, for heavy flow. These tampons are also available in a lubricated version, making them even easier to use.
Soft Tampons let you do whatever you want when you’re on your period! Take a look at the range of Soft Tampons available from Switzerland’s favourite sex shop now! Free, discreet and fast delivery available throughout Switzerland.
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