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Mister Size

Mister Size

Tired of one-size-fits-all condoms? Mister Size has developed made-to-measure condoms just for you. These customised condoms are optimally adjusted to the size of your penis. Ultra-thin, these will make sex much safer and also more enjoyable. Mister Size condoms are available in seven sizes at your favourite Swiss online shop,

As unique as you are!

Mister Size puts an end to the dictates of one-size-fits-all condoms and offers a range of condoms adapted to the size of your penis because yes, in this area, size does matter… Indeed, a condom that is too small is difficult to put on while a condom that is too big can slip off during sex. It is therefore essential that a condom fits the anatomy of your penis. In this way, you will experience more fulfilling and enjoyable sexual relations in the best possible conditions.

Mister Size

At present, Mister Size has a wide choice of condom sizes. But how do you choose THE condom that really suits you? To help you find the size that fits you like a glove, Mister Size has put together a size guide on various media, so you can find the one that's right for you!

Taking the measurements

Obtaining the perfect condom is not an easy endeavour. In addition to your anatomy, other factors such as the thickness, lubrication, shape and composition of the condom also come into play. That's why Mister Size offers you custom-made condoms in seven different sizes. To find out what yours is, simply measure the diameter of the thickest part of your erect penis.

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