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Multi-Gyn ActiGel - 50 ml

4.5 out of 5 (4 reviews)
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The Unique Position Of MultiGyn Gel
The number of women which suffer of vaginal complaints is much greater than the number of women which visit their physician for these complaints. Many women just wait for the symptoms to pass, apply home remedies, ask for a product on advice of a pharmacist or buy Over-The-Counter products without consultation. Vaginal complaints occur in women of all ages but most frequently in sexually active woman.

There is a diversity of medications that can be prescribed when the vaginal problems are serious. There are also many products available for daily hygiene. However, there is a broad field of common discomforts and minor problems such as: itch, dryness, abnormal odor and discharge, burning sensation, soreness and irritation. These problems require more than standard hygiene but prescribed medication often has too high an impact and sometimes there is no real medication. For intensive intimate hygiene and effective and safe treatment of common vaginal discomforts there is MultiGyn.

Bio-Active products such as MultiGyn related to medication
First and foremost it should be stated that bio-active products are not considered as medication. In general a medication holds a registration for a specific indication.
Bio-active products activate the topical immune-response and thus have an indirect effect on a broad field of applications. In addition the products are safe and do not have harmful side effects. The basis of bio-active products are polysaccharides derived from medicinal plants.
Because bio-active products are not considered to be medication, the products are not reimbursed by the health insurance. However, the general price-level is very acceptable and the products have an optimal price-quality ratio. The MultiGyn products are sold without prescription in pharmacies in most European countries.

MultiGyn in relation to yeast infection and antimycotics.
Candidiasis (yeast infection) is the most frequently occurring specific diagnosis; 37%.
In view of the known diagnostic numbers it can be expected that 1 out of 3 women that ask their pharmacist for a solution to their vaginal complaints suffer from a yeast infection. MultiGyn Gel has immunomodulatory properties by its polysaccharide components, which enhance the natural defense system of the tissues. Because of these properties MultiGyn Gel wards off yeast-infection.
However it is not a direct antimycotic and a real infection with candida should always be treated with an antimycotic medication that kills the fungus. MultiGyn Gel is also pain and itch stopping which makes it a very pleasant product for the direct relief of symptoms in combination with an antimycotic.

Contains: 50 ml

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Multi-Gyn ActiGel - 50 ml

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4.5 out of 5 (4 reviews)

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