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Multi-Gyn FloraPlus - 5 single doses

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Multi-Gyn FloraPlus - 5 single doses CHF 23.90

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The Multi-Gym Flora Plus probiotic - The best treatment, for healthy vaginal flora.

Healthy vaginal microbiota (composed mainly of Lactobacillus) is the best possible barrier against vaginal infections. When the vaginal flora is disturbed, pathogenic germs can develop and result in an infection. The vaginal probiotic Multi-Gym Flora Plus will stimulate the Lactobacillus present in the vagina and enable them to develop their full capacity for protection.

Multi-Gym Flora Plus combines the well-documented effects of the ingredients of Multi-Gym with probiotics. Given that every woman has vaginal flora that is unique to her, the use of a probiotic will stimulate this microbiota, resulting in optimum protection against pathogens.

What factors are capable of disturbing normal vaginal flora?
Normal vaginal flora is sensitive and can easily be disturbed. Numerous factors may disturb vaginal flora, notably: ant biotherapy, the use of a vaginal disinfectant or soap-based or perfumed vulvar product or one containing a preservative, semen, the contraceptive pill, hormones, stress, etc. When these attacks occur, your vaginal flora is modified and cannot perform the protective role it normally would, meaning that pathogenic germs are able to move in.

Using a vaginal probiotic at the right time will avoid imbalances in the flora.

How should I use Multi-Gyn FloraPlus?
To treat mycotic problems, apply a single dose of Multi-Gyn FloraPlus before going to bed, for 5 days in a row.
To prevent vaginal infections, apply a single dose of Multi-Gyn FloraPlus every 3 days, before going to bed.
To soothe vaginal discomfort, apply a single dose of Multi-Gyn FloraPlus as often as required.

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Pack contains: 5 single doses of Multi-Gyn FloraPlus

Multi-Gyn FloraPlus - 5 single doses

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5 out of 5 (1 review)

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