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Mystim Extra Spiny Spencer Wartenberg Pinwheel (5 wheels)

from Mystim
Mystim Extra Spiny Spencer Wartenberg Pinwheel (5 wheels) CHF 79.90 In Stock In StockFree Shipping!
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from Mystim
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Mystim Spiny Spencer is a 5 wheel Wartenberg pinwheel, compatible with the Mystim Tension Lover and Mystim Pure Vibes electro-stimulation systems.

This Spiny Spencer pinwheel is a monopolar electrical sex toy which can stimulate any part of the body you roll it over. The sensations it provides are halfway between pleasure and pain, depending on the pressure applied and the electrical intensity chosen.

This Wartenberg pinwheel has 100 steel pins that can stimulate the smallest of your nerves.

For even greater sensations, we recommend masking your submissive while using this sex toy, in order to heighten their senses and the sensations they feel. The spines should only gently touch the skin. This pinwheel can also be used without an electro-stimulation system.

Material: Surgical steel
Junction: Mystim 2 mm plug
Important: For the electrical stimulation function of this product the device Mystim Tension Lover or Mystim Pure Vibes is required.

Mystim Extra Spiny Spencer Wartenberg Pinwheel (5 wheels)

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