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Nexus Titus Prostate massager

from Nexus
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Nexus in Switzerland | Prostate stimulators
from Nexus
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The Titus is the first edition of the ribbed series of the Nexus Generation. A complete re-design from the other toys in the range, The Titus provides additional pleasure with its ribbed shaft and pebble-shaped head - allowing more sensation and pressure on the prostate. It also covers a larger surface area on the prostate resulting in orgasms that erupt from deep inside and throughout the body.

Ribbed shaft
Pebble-shaped head
Stainless steel ball bearing
Medically designed to fit snugly around the prostate

Material: Phathlate-free polypropylene
Size: 11.5 cm - 3.2 cm

Nexus Titus Prostate massager

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