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Njoy Eleven dildo

Njoy Eleven dildo CHF 319.90

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Njoy Eleven is a wonderful dildo made of polished stainless steel, perfect for vaginal and anal stimulation. Its biggest end is highly recommended for stimulation of the female G-spot.

The Eleven dildo by Njoy was designed to delight men as well as women. It has two ends each in the shape of a stylised glans penis, and each designed for a different use. The first end - the thicker of the two - is intended for stimulation of the vagina. It provides an effective and particularly intense massage of the G-spot. The second end, smaller and endowed with a ripple effect, is specially designed for anal stimulation. It allows you to stimulate the prostate and gives you incredible sensations during penetration.

This luxury dildo is a genuine work of art created in the name of lust. Its sculptural beauty will be able to stimulate your intimate parts with unparalleled intensity, sending you into ecstasies in no time at all!

Thanks to its polished texture, the Njoy Eleven feels fabulous on the skin. And if you're looking to mix things up a little, why not pop it in the fridge for a while, or dip it in some warm water, before you get down to business?

Njoy is a favourite brand for those who love intimate toys of rare quality and luxury. Njoy's sex toys are available in a variety of forms, so that you can satisfy your every desire. Each sex toy by Njoy offers exceptional quality of finish and will be delivered to you in an elegant case, like a luxury item of jewellery.

Dildo offering stimulation at both ends
Largest part intended for vaginal pleasure, ideal for stimulation of the G-spot
Smallest part intended for anal pleasure, ideal for stimulation of the prostate
High-quality finish made of polished stainless steel
Packaged in a magnificent case

Material: Medical-grade stainless steel
Total length: 28 cm
Diameter: 4.5 cm (small end) - 5.1 cm (big end)
Weight: 1.25 kg

Njoy Eleven dildo

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