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Wet NURU Body-on-Body Massage Sheet

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The Wet Nuru Massage Sheet is an important accessory for performing a Nuru-style massage. It allows you to slide around your mattress, making position transitions effortless and fun and it will not absorb the Wet Nuru gel like your sheets would. The Wet Nuru Massage Sheet is clear so you are able to see the color of your bedding through it.

This accessory is perfect when using the NURU body-on-body massage gels (see below).

Directions: We recommend that you roll up towels and place them along the edges of the bed and then unfold the sheet to cover your whole mattress. This protects your sheets and pools the gel towards the center of your mattress to prevent spilling over the edge. When you are finished with your massage, we recommend folding up the edges of the sheet towards the middle and pouring the remaining gel into the trash. You can then wipe down the sheet with a damp cloth or hose it off and then allow it to dry completely before folding it for storage. The sheet is reusable.

Size: King Size Bed (180 x 200 cm)

Wet NURU Body-on-Body Massage Sheet

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