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Condoms are not just for men! The French laboratory Sugant has developed for you, dear ladies, the Ormelle brand whose range of products is set to revolutionise the world of female contraception! An interesting alternative to the male condom, Ormelle contraceptives offer effective protection against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Available on the sex shop, items from the Ormelle brand can be shipped quickly and discreetly!
Created by the Sugant laboratory, the French brand Ormelle makes female condoms that are highly effective in protecting against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Resistant, these condoms for women meet the ISO 24841:2011 standards and have even obtained the CE 0197 label, respecting the strictest criteria in the field, a guarantee of safety and quality.

The advantages of the female condom:

Ormelle can be inserted several hours before intercourse, allowing you to keep your mind occupied with naughtier thoughts at the crucial moment. What's more, with the female condom there is no need for the man to withdraw after ejaculation, leaving you both free to stay in your love bubble. This condom also provides intimate sensations much closer the feeling of skin on skin, so that you can both enjoy ecstatic sensations.

How do you insert a female condom correctly?

Ormelle female condoms come in the form of a sleeve equipped with a flexible ring of different sizes at each end. Here are the different steps that will allow you to introduce this contraceptive correctly:
Remove the female condom from the pouch with great care so as not to tear or damage it. Then unroll it completely.
Make sure the inner ring is at the bottom of the condom and hold Ormelle by this ring while gently squeezing it between your thumb and forefinger.
Then insert it into the vagina as deeply as possible.
Make sure that the large ring is on the outside of the vagina.
With the condom now in place, check that the penis properly enters the device during sex.
When you have finished your lovemaking, turn the outer ring on itself to prevent semen from leaking out as you gently remove this female condom and then dispose of it in the waste bin.

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Your contraceptive problems will be a thing of the past with Ormelle female condoms. Available immediately in your online sex shop Free, fast and discreet delivery throughout Switzerland.
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