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PalmPower Massager Vibrator

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PowerBullet in Switzerland | Powerful vibrator
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Palm Power Massager : the ultimate power in the palm of your hand. Soothe your senses with the PalmPower personal massager.

Driven by BMS Enterprises’ patented PowerBullet technology, the PalmPower Wand provides you with super-charged vibrations that send relaxing sensations throughout your body with a phenomenal intensity that simply can’t be beaten by any battery-powered massager on the market today!

You've never felt a vibrator until you've tried one that plugs in at the wall! If the dildos, vibrators and bullets we stock leave you feeling under-whelmed, or you want to spoil yourself with the absolute pinnacle of hand-held stimulators, the PalmPower Massager wand comes very highly recommended.

The power and intensity of the vibrations available from this wonderful device are simply phenomenal and can't be overstated. Where other vibes can wither under pressure, the PalmPower continues to deliver even at low speed. Hold the button down, though, and the vibration intensity increases, building up to maximum speed over about 8 seconds - just release the button at any time to hold your preferred power level, then hold it again to continue increasing.

• For relaxing body massage and intimate stimulation
• High quality ABS and Silicone parts
• Body-Safe and Phthalate-Free
• Incredible power range with stepless control
• Ergonomic design
• Robust materials and construction
• Powered from mains power wall socket
• Includes charger and attachments for many countries
• Silicone dome cap is removable for optional accessories (sold separately)
• Extra long cord for additional mobility
• Low to High Noise Level (depending on power)

Material: ABS with Silicone (Phthalate and Latex Free)
Length: 19.5 cm
Diameter: 4 cm
Power supply: 230V - AC Adapter
Colour: Pink & Grey

PalmPower Massager Vibrator

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4.4 out of 5 (5 reviews)

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