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Penis Enlargement

Pages: 12

Pages: 12

The latest Customer Reviews

Big Boy Golden XXL (45 tabs)

Big Boy Golden XXL (45 tabs)


By Calogero on 28/05/2021

I’ve been using it for 2 months and I noticed I’m stronger and bigger down there. My performance much longer. The product is good I recommend.

Viamax Maximum Gel (for him) - 50 ml

Viamax Maximum Gel (for him) - 50 ml

Viamax Maximum Gel

By betinna on 01/11/2020

it works but needs time. Cant explaine yet. Its power fast enter the skin, no pain, after is ouite glueishe. So mayby some oil would be after. Simple lubricant.

Blush Performance Plus penis enlargement sleeve - 22 cm

Blush Performance Plus penis enlargement sleeve - 22 cm

Get a lot bigger in seconds

By David on 05/09/2020

This toy is amazing for pleasing a demanding lady or men. If you want to be twice as big, try it. I'm 17cm long and around 3,5cm thick and I fit in it but it takes efforts and lot of lube to get in it. It is tight tho but the feeling of have a monster cock is amazing.

Dorcel SIZE+ Enhancing penis cream - 100 ml

Dorcel SIZE+ Enhancing penis cream - 100 ml


By Sal on 03/09/2019

This cream is very good. Penis size does not increase much in size is almost imperceptible. But it's great anyway. I have bought this cream several times and will buy it again.

Big Boy Golden XXL (45 tabs)

Big Boy Golden XXL (45 tabs)

Good product

By Adrian on 25/08/2019

I think need some time to take pills for good results. But product working anyway. If you expect quick response in few days I think is not possible.

Big Boy Golden XXL (45 tabs)

Big Boy Golden XXL (45 tabs)

A good dietary supplement without miracles

By Pololo on 15/01/2019

It’s now more than two weeks that I try this product and it does provide some benefits, but not in the order of magnitude promised implicitly by the fancy brand name: I can say it increased meaningfully libido and the quantity and quality of sperm (bright white color; abundant and very fluid even with multiple ejaculations per day), but I did not notice any other effect on penis’ size.

Want to gain a few centimeters? The sexshop has selected the best penis enlargers available on the market: Bathmate & Andropenis. These three manufacturers have done many years of research to develop simple and efficient products. Here you will also find tablets and creams to improve the development of your penis.

How to enlarge and increase the size of the penis?

Increasing penis size

Male morphology and size differ from one man to the next. A man who focuses on the size of his member will make penis enlargement his primary concern. Currently, there are several solutions that will allow you to increase the size of your member, because increasing the size of the penis is an issue for a growing number of men. Our naughty shop offers a special category consecrated to penis enlargement. Discover penis pumps, creams, pills and other penis enlargement devices on our online sex shop.

The various methods

The penis pump will allow you to experience new sensations. It is a device for penis enlargement. The cylinder of the penis pump sucks in air, causing increased blood flow to the erectile tissues. The penis pump also helps to maintain, recover or obtain a strong erection. The results of penis augmentation will sometimes be visible after a few weeks of use.

The most famous penis pump • Bathmate Hydromax X30 penis pump

The penis extender is a device with a rather special allure. It is based on the principle of traction and must be used in a state of flaccidity. You will notice a slight thickening of your penis and then the length of your penis will increase. Once you have finished the treatment, the results will be permanent.

The best of the penis extenders • Androextender for penis enlargement

Capsules and pills are generally in the form of a treatment. They stimulate the libido, promote lengthening of the penis and help to obtain more voluminous erections. These tablets for swallowing are the solution to your size problems. For the most part, these new generation treatments are composed of natural ingredients.

The best pills for enlarging the penis • Big Boy Golden XXL

Male intimate massage creams help to develop penis size. They can be applied in a regular and circular manner in order to promote the development of the penile tissues. They help to lengthen and widen the male sex.

The best penis cream • MAXI Penis enlargement cream

Then there are also two natural methods, which we’ve been hearing a lot about. These are Kegel exercises and the practice of Jelqing. The effectiveness of these exercises remains to be proved.

Kegel exercises have a simple principle, that of strengthening the pubococcygeus muscle for improved sexual pleasure and better erections. To do this, it is necessary to locate the muscles of the pelvic floor, by stopping and releasing the urine, without using the abdominal muscles. Then empty your bladder and install yourself in the position of your choice. Tighten the muscle of your perineum for five seconds and then release. For visible results, you should practice these Kegel exercises daily, up to three times a day. If you experience any pain, please stop the process.

The name Jelqing originates from the word Jelq, which means masturbation. This exercise involves manually stretching the penis. This stretching should be done continuously and over a long period of time, in order to create microfissures in the penis. The regeneration of damaged tissue will increase the size of your member. Many men are particularly satisfied with the effects of this practice. Despite this, you should be aware that the fissures induced by this exercise have the possibility of causing severe and irreversible erectile dysfunction.

The most effective Jelqing cream • Bathmate MaxOut

Please take care. These methods present risks, and can cause irrevocable lesions. Enlarging your penis may be beneficial for your self-confidence and for your relationship as a couple, but remember the negative consequences that can result from hastily or poorly executed practice of them. For optimum results, recommends that you choose a penis pump, a cream or a treatment of natural capsules.
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