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DONA Pheromone infused Reed Diffusers - Sassy

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Elegant DONA reed diffuser by System JO. Fragrance infused with invigorating and aphrodisiac pheromones. Available in 3 different captivating fragrances.

DONA home fragrance from System JO is ideal for creating an erotic and invigorating atmosphere providing an escape for the senses. Infused with captivating and aphrodisiac pheromones, it quickly diffuses its fragrance around the room.

This reed diffuser is available in three fragrances: Flirty Blushing Berry, Sassy Tropical Tease and Naughty Sinful Spring.

Use: Remove the diffuser's lid, insert the reeds into the bottle and place the diffuser on a flat surface. The scented oil diffuses through the reeds and releases its fragrance in the room.

Capacity: 50 ml
Fragrance: Sassy Tropical Tease

DONA Pheromone infused Reed Diffusers - Sassy

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