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Fantasy Her Ultimate Pleasure vibrator and vaginal pump

4 out of 5 (9 reviews)
Fantasy Her Ultimate Pleasure vibrator and vaginal pump CHF 159.90

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Suck and stimulate the clitoris or enjoy an intense G-spot massage with the Her Ultimate Pleasure double sex toy from Pipedream’s Fantasy For Her collection. Automatic suction combined with a moving tongue can create incredible orgasms, while the curved tip allows for powerful G-spot massage. This vibrator comes with two suction cups, designed to fit the vaginal area and the chest.

This dual-function sex toy works on the same principle as a suction cup and can increase the volume of the clitoris or breasts, making them more sensitive to touch. The suction cups stay firmly in place on your skin and are transparent, offering you an incredible view. By concentrating the blood in the clitoris or breasts, this erotic pump can accentuate sensations. It has an external section shaped like a sensual tongue, which moves back and forth in seven different rhythms. For even greater sensations, a little sleeve with stimulating bumps is provided to fit over the little tongue.

Specifically designed provide the best possible stimulation and massage of the G-spot, this vibrator includes a curved vibrating tip that sits against the G-spot for incredibly orgasmic massage.

This erotic toy features four powerful yet quiet motors. The suction, tongue movement and vibration functions can be controlled separately or simultaneously. This sex toy has an internal battery that can be recharged using the USB cable provided. As it is completely waterproof, it will give you wonderful pleasure even in the bath or in the shower.

For an exquisite intimate experience, recommends applying a water-based lubricant and using a clitoral gel. Be sure to clean your Pipedream Fantasy Her Ultimate Pleasure vibrator and vaginal pump with a little warm water, mild soap and a suitable cleaner.

• Pipedream Fantasy Her Ultimate Pleasure vibrator and vaginal pump
• Sensual tongue that moves backwards and forwards
• Curved tip for delightful G-spot massage
• Individually controllable suctions and vibrations
• Automatic suction function
• Two suction cups for the vagina and chest
• Sleeve with stimulating bumps that fits over the tongue
• 4 powerful motors offering 3 suction modes, 7 tongue movement modes and 10 vibration modes
• Internal rechargeable battery (magnetic USB cable supplied)
• 100% waterproof

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The suction, tongue and vibrations can be used together or separately.

EAN : 0603912757446

- Tongue: Press the tongue button down and it will start to move. Press the button to cycle through the 7 movement modes. Hold the button down to turn off the function.
- Vibration: Press the vibration mode button to start the vibrations. Press the button to cycle through the 10 vibration modes. Hold the button down to turn off the function.
- Suction: Press and hold the suction button to start the suction. Hold the button down again to turn off the suction. Suction is not continuous but pulsating.

Material: Silicone and ABS plastic (phthalate-free)
Dimensions: 23 x 4 x 5 cm
Insertable length: 11 cm
Insertable diameter: 3.2 cm (at the widest point)
Vaginal cup diameter: 4.5 cm
Breast cup diameter: 5 cm
Power supply: internal rechargeable battery (magnetic USB cable included)

Fantasy Her Ultimate Pleasure vibrator and vaginal pump

Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 (9 reviews)

By Sena on 05/07/2022

When I tried the suction for the first time I tried it on the nipple and my leg, it was way stronger than I imagined and I had to take it away quite quickly, especially cause I‘m sensitive. When I tried it for the first time on my vagina it was extremely intense, I almost never come that quickly. For the suction itself I had to continuously press the release botton cause it was getting too strong and if it sucks you in too much the tongue stops moving. I also tried using the tongue by itself which also feels great. The dildo part has a very strong and nice vibration, it feels really good. All in all it is a great and intense toy it takes a bit more effort to control especially if you’re sensitive but worth it in my opinion. (It did leave me swollen for like two days after though and had to take a break but I can’t blame the toy for that.)

By Ana on 07/12/2020

Tongue part isn't that effective. The sucking and licking doesn't work for the boops either. But both the sides of the vibrator give you ultimate pleasure when used down there. Vibration patterns are fucking amazing. A product worth the price.

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