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RendS R-1 Bach Rotor Triple Caps

RendS R-1 Bach Rotor Triple Caps CHF 39.90

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The Bach Rotor Caps have been created to transmit the Bach Rotorís powerful vibration into sensual stimulations for clitoris, glans and anal region or prostate. Each of these three caps have been carefully developed to turn the Bach Rotor into a completely new adult toy that offers maximum effectiveness and best possible stimulation for each part of the body.

Virgo's unique shape is designed to archive the best possible vibration on its top for an explosive clitoral stimulation.

If you see this attachment vibrating in combination with the R-1 Bach Rotor you will truly be amazed. The little ball on the top will dance like there is no tomorrow. Now imagine touching the clitoris with this dancing ball. We promise to you that you have not felt anything comparable before! The caused stimulation is just unbelievable! Length: 60 mm.

Libra has been created to connect the Bach Rotor directly and tightly to the penis's head to allow handsfree usage.

This attachment is just amazing. It proverbially glues the R-1 Bach Rotor onto the penisís head and causes a comfortable pressure on the whole upper are of the penis. You can masturbator as hard as you want without losing the powerful vibration of the R-1 Bach Rotor. Diameter: one-size, length: 8.5 cm.

Leo is an anal and prostate stimulator. Its shape offers sensual anal stimulation for both beginners and advanced anal users. This anal attachment transforms our R-1 Bach Rotor into a compact anal vibrator. Diameter: 22 mm length: 122 mm.

To use this toy you need the Rends R-1 Starter Set

RendS R-1 Bach Rotor Triple Caps

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