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RendS R-1 Starter Set (Remote & Bach Rotor)

from RendS
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The R-1 is currently the worlds most advance sex toy novelty.

It was developed by engineers who once worked for a major Japanese electrical company.

The RendS R-1 is one of a kind and offers a unique attribute: You have one intuitional unit which gives you the power to control many different sex toys. The idea behind it is just simple: all toys and attachments can be connected to the main unit with a normal USB cable. Even though the R-1 uses batteries, it has tremendous power. The reason for that is the advance Japanese technology which features high durability a long life-span.

The R-1 control unit offers a vibration intensity control and a mode switch. The mode switch allows you to choose from 7 different patterns, like vibration impulses, running direction and many other unique modes. Every attachment has its own unique features. Altogether one attachment offers exactly 50 different modes. Using the USB port of the R-1 control unit you will even be able to program your own patterns in the future.

The starter set comes with the RendS R-1 control unit and the Bach Rotor Vibration Egg which features 7 different vibration impulses. The front side of the Bach Rotor offers a small hole which provides a perfect fit for the clitoris to generate a more intense clitoral stimulation.

There are silicon attachments planed which will fit on the Bach Rotor. This will make the R-1 starter set more attractive to men: Currently we are working on a glans and testicle attachment. An anal and G-spot attachment is planed as well.

Size: 115mm x 50mm x 18mm
Power supply: 3 x 1.5V AA batteries

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RendS R-1 Starter Set (Remote & Bach Rotor)

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4.5 out of 5 (2 reviews)

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