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RendS R-1 U.F.O. Nipple Massager

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Rends R-1 U.F.O. - The best nipple massager in the world.

We are sure that the R-1 U.F.O., which stands for Unidentified Fascinating Object in this case, heralds the next generation of nipple stimulation. We felt that it was necessary to created a completely new nipple stimulator due to the lack of effective nipple stimulator on the market. Our unique and sophisticated design in combination with advance Japanese technology makes this adult toy a one-of-a-kind product. R-1 U.F.O. features various rotational patterns and interchangeable elastomer attachments incorporating an easy to use magnetic snap. We are also very proud of our suction cup design. It adheres to the breast without much effort. This innovation allows you to enjoy an intuitive and completely hands free stimulation. We are convinced that every women and every man will love R-1 U.F.O. as much as we do!

To use this toy you need the R-1 Starter Set (sold separately).

So how does our nipple stimulator work? Just put one of the 6 included elastomer attachments onto the inner rotation disc of the R-1 U.F.O. You can choose from the following attachments:

• Pin point: A soft and high density brush streaks around the nipple.
• Tongue: Licks around the nipple like only a tongue can do.
• Pinch: Simulates the pinch two fingers would produce from both sides.

Each of these attachments are included in two sizes. We are only using odourless elastomer that is completely harmless.

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All attachments are equipped with a magnet. This way you can intuitively put them on and easily exchange them. Even though our attachments are very soft, we still recommend lubricant during usage. The best lubricant you can use for these toys is our Peace’s. It has a very viscid texture that prevents unintentional distribution.

First of all connect the USB cable of the R-1 U.F.O. to one of the connectors of the Rends chip box. Continue with connecting the chip box USB cable to the R-1 Controller (sold separately). Now you can enjoy 7 speed levels x 8 rotation modes + the turbo function! This means that R-1 U.F.O. offers a total of 57 combinations to indulge your nipples with unforeseen pleasure.

Since R-1 U.F.O. is used close to the ear it was important to create a silent design. Even though R-1 U.F.O. is very powerful the noise level is very low!

Just put R-1 U.F.O. onto your breast. You don’t have to do anything else. Just press it on. Because of our unique design it just adheres to the skin. You can easily remove it by lifting the edge of R-1 U.F.O, completely free of residues.

If you own a second R-1 U.F.O. you may plug it into the second connector of the included Rends chip box. Now you can stimulate both nipples at the same time!

We have been asked a lot why we are not selling two R-1 U.F.O. in one sales package. The answer is easy:

R-1 U.F.O. is more than just a simple adult toy. Like all other R-1 products it is a sophisticated high-tech product. Our goal was to keep the entry price as low as possible. We have spent a tremendous amount of time to develop this product. To offer you a reasonable priced single product we decided to put only one R-1 U.F.O. with a free connector box into the sales package. If our product has convinced you, you may purchase a second R-1 U.F.O. at any time - and we are sure that you will love R-1 U.F.O. as much as we do.

Tip: For a unique sensation please try two different attachments while using two R-1 U.F.O.!

To use this toy you need the R-1 Starter Set (sold separately).

RendS R-1 U.F.O. Nipple Massager

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