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RendS Vorze U.F.O. SA Nipple Massager

from RendS
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Vorze U.F.O. SA - The ultimate high-end nipple stimulator by Rends

The Vorze U.F.O SA is a next-generation nipple massager made by Rends. This hi-tech device has a unique design and incorporates the latest Japanese innovations in adult toys, so as to offer you an unforgettable nipple massage.

The new SA (Stand Alone) version of the U.F.O doesn't need to be plugged in and, unlike the R-1 version, comes complete with a remote control (no additional purchase needed). The U.F.O massager offers you a wide range of settings, as you can combine the 7 rotation modes with each of the 7 levels of intensity. Thanks to these multiple combinations, both male and female users will be sure to find a setting which is perfectly suited to their desires.

This nipple stimulator are silicone cups which are easily attached to the breasts. A stimulation tip is then inserted into the central part of the U.F.O. The Vorze U.F.O SA comes complete with 6 different tips, for a variety of sensations. The two cups are made of soft silicone, for optimum comfort, and thanks to their shape, they provide an additional suction effect.

The disc-shaped remote control can be charged up using a USB socket. You will need 3 hours of charging time for approximately 2 hours of usage. This device is not waterproof: it is important to keep it clean and dry.

You can also control this device using an Android Smartphone, by downloading the Vorze Controller app, available on Google Play.

State-of-the-art technology and futuristic design
Incredible stimulation
6 different tips, to mix up the pleasure sensations
49 stimulation combinations
Doesn't need a separate remote control
Recharge using USB cable

RendS Vorze U.F.O. SA Nipple Massager

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