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Rose Petals - Gold

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Eye of Love - Perfume with pheromones
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These golden rose petals will add a new dimension to your romantic moments.

Create the ultimate romantic atmosphere with those gold rose petals. Delight your partner with a touch of luxury in the bedroom, in the bathroom or anywhere else you can think of.

Here are a few usage ideas:

Strew the rose petals on the bed (at home or at the hotel on a romantic trip)
Run a lovely warm bath and let the rose petals drift on the water
Use them as table decoration for a romantic date
Make a trail of petals, guiding your lover to a naughty surprise
Leave a love note written in petals

For an extra touch of sensuality, sprinkle the petals with your favourite perfume or a pheromone spray.

Material : 100% nylon
Contains: 150 rose petals
Colour: Gold

Rose Petals - Gold

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