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Rosebuds Big Bud II Butt Plug - Jet (XXL)

Rosebuds Big Bud II Butt Plug - Jet (XXL) CHF 149.90 In Stock In StockFree Shipping!
Rosebuds Plug & Imitate Jewels | Swiss Sex Shop
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Rosebuds, beautiful range of erotic jewelry, made and designed in France by Julian Snelling.

Women, who moderately enjoy anal pleasure, quite appreciate this model. Although discreet in size, its weight intensifies sensations through a slight pressure on the vagina, stimulating it even more during penetration

The Rosebud can be used for numerous practices. Anal ornament or more active toy to increase your sensations and your pleasure, it is a discreet and elegant companion, sign of a certain erotic refinement. Whether you wear it during sexual games or during the day, it is invisible under your clothes. Very effective for sportsmen, especially while cycling, jogging and swimming, the simplest walk becomes a sensual feast. Its caress is renewed with each step... When you wear a Rosebud, the sitting position feels totally different. Inserted a few hours before a sexual encounter, it will also heighten pleasure during preliminaries.

Apart from providing voluptuous sensations, wearing a Rosebud for a prolonged time will also re-educate and stimulate the perineum whose tonicity is rather weak in the Western World, although it is a powerful and main actor in male and female orgasms and essential for vigorous erections and their control.

Warning: This XXL plug is suitable for experienced users only.

Material: Stainless steel
Colour: Black
Size: 125 mm - 50 mm
Weight: 895 g

Rosebuds Big Bud II Butt Plug - Jet (XXL)

Customer Reviews for Rosebuds Big Bud II | A butt plug of an imposing size

4.3 out of 5 (3 reviews)
Add your review

« Almost too huge »

By piercem29 on 06/03/2017

I've been gradually getting into larger, heavy steel butt plugs and this one seems to be about as far as it goes. Each time I get one, it is a hell of a challenge to insert and after one or more hours, especially to remove. My last one was the NJoy 2.0, which is about 2/3 the weight. After some patience and warming up, I've become accustomed to the Rosebud XXL after only a few days. The feeling is massive, although to be fair, it was advertised as 900g, but it weighed in at 882. The shape is good, but the peak could be a little more rounded. Once in, walking around is very stimulating and comfortable. I'm wearing it now. It does not need anymore diameter, but a little bit of curved length like the NJoy might make it even better.

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