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Satisfyer Feel Good - Menstrual cup (2 pieces) - Purple

3 out of 5 (1 review)
Satisfyer Feel Good - Menstrual cup (2 pieces) - Purple CHF 14.90

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With the Feel Good menstrual cup set from Satisfyer, feminine hygiene is not only comfortable but also elegant. A real hygienic, economical and eco-friendly alternative to tampons and sanitary pads, the cup replaces them during menstruation in order to collect blood flow without absorbing it. These menstrual cups are made of soft, medical grade silicone and are fully reusable.

Feel Good menstrual cups collect your menstrual flow but do not absorb it. They are designed to be positioned in the vagina, at the base of the vaginal canal, lower than a tampon. These coloured cups made of medical grade silicone are particularly soft and supple. Inserted correctly, they will not leak or smell. They offer many advantages, too significant to ignore.

These reusable cups last for years, making them a truly economical solution.

These cups provide several hours of menstrual protection. They allow you to forget about your period.

Made of hypoallergenic silicone, they do not unbalance the vaginal flora and do not deposit any fibres on the vaginal wall. This special silicone for intimate use does not cause the vaginal dryness or micro-abrasions that tampons can cause.

Size options
Feel Good 15 ml: A small, firm silicone menstrual cup that allows for better control and easy adjustment. Ideal for light periods, women who have never given birth and women with a short vaginal canal.
Feel Good 20 ml: A large menstrual cup made of soft silicone that allows a simple adjustment. It is capable of handling an abundant flow while ensuring your well-being. Ideal for heavy menstruation, women who have already given birth vaginally and women over 30 years of age.

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Simple to use, the menstrual cup is easy to insert. At the beginning, you may need to practice a little as you will need to find the right angle and position for you. Make yourself comfortable, legs apart. If possible, raise one leg by leaning on the toilet bowl. Then fold the cup back on itself. Keep it folded and insert the cup into your vagina, then push it all the way in. The cup will unfold and cover the cervix. To create a perfect grip, turn the cup (keeping either the sides or the silicone tip firm) while pressing down with your muscles. Check that the cup perfectly protects the cervix by sliding a finger over the edges. Pull it very lightly to create a "suction cup" effect. You should then feel a slight resistance.

For optimum care and irreproachable hygiene, rinse the cup with clean water and carefully wipe it. advises you to wash it in boiling water between your periods, in order to clean it thoroughly. For a pleasant and comfortable experience, we recommend that you apply a little water-based lubricant.

Satisfy Feel Good menstrual cups ensure a grip that is neither too strong, nor too weak. These girly menstrual cups end in a mermaid's tail. For even more fun, they allow you to experience foreplay even during menstruation.

Satisfyer Feel Good coloured menstrual cups
2 x Feel Good cups per kit
Medical silicone for intimate use
Finished with a mermaid's tail
Designed for comfort
Forget about your period
Feel comfortable as you go about your life
Reusable, environmentally responsible and easy to clean
Reduce your spending on tampons and sanitary towels
Prevents vaginal dryness and micro-abrasions
Guarantee of 15 years

EAN : 4061504002101

Material: Hypoallergenic, medical grade silicone
Lengths: 64 to 68 mm
Diameters: 38 to 41 mm
Volumes: 15 ml & 20 ml
Colour: Purple

Satisfyer Feel Good - Menstrual cup (2 pieces) - Purple

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3 out of 5 (1 review)

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