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Pages: 123

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Safe Sex antibacterial bag for sex toys (L)

Safe Sex antibacterial bag for sex toys (L)

Cool bag but small

By Cool with it on 14/11/2018

I was expecting a bigger bag as I have chosen the large option but probably I read bad the measures. Nice bag and nice to keep your stuff all together and safe but a larger one would be much more appreciated!

Bathmate Hydrodouche Intime Cleaning System - Unisex

Bathmate Hydrodouche Intime Cleaning System - Unisex

Quality Design and Great Product

By Teaseded on 24/01/2018

The overall design and function of this system is great. The tubing is a perfect length so you are not tied to one spot yet not so long as to be difficult to store or clean, the rigid reservoir design makes filling and refilling very easy, and the nozzle is by far the best design I have ever seen or used for a cleansing system. I highly recommend choosing this system only if you are willing to take a few extra steps to care for it. The materials are all high quality for what they are, but I t… Read more Toy Cleaner - 150 ml Toy Cleaner - 150 ml

Received as a sample, but will totally purchase on it's own!!

By master and baby on 04/01/2018

This toy cleaner is incredibly good! Received it as a sample in my last order under the form of a wet wipe and it cleaned my toy really fast, effectively and without any remaining dirt left behind or any smell. It doesn't have any fragrance of any sort and leaves the toy very soft and squeaky clean!

Swiss Navy Toy & Body Cleaner - 177 ml

Swiss Navy Toy & Body Cleaner - 177 ml

A must have

By nightfox on 26/09/2015

This a really good cleaner. Why? Because it gets rid of bacteria, fungus, smell and also manages perfectly the lubricants. It has a nice citrus smell, is very easy to apply due to the atomizer. It has also a lock (useful for travelling). The bottle is not too big. It is also safe to use on the body. Very recommended product!

Squeeze Clean Whirling Spray - Unisex - Black

Squeeze Clean Whirling Spray - Unisex - Black

Can do better

By Bill on 24/09/2015

You use this to clean your butt in case you're not a fan of poop during buttplay, I know I'm not. The toy is made of two parts, a hard ABS plastic nozzle and a silicone squeeze bag, they separate simply by pulling them apart. You fill the silicone squeeze bag with water, lube up the nozzle, put it in your butt and squeeze. Sounds simple but there's a few buts (Christ I'm so funny). - The nozzle has a small seam that runs all along it and I can feel it I got used to it but it's not too comf… Read more

For intimate care and impeccable hygiene, use an anal or vaginal enema pear. To guarantee excellent hygiene, take good care of your erotic sextoys and accessories as well, by using an antibacterial cleaning spray. Try out our best-selling cleaning spray on, it's practical and affordable.

How does an enema bulb work?

How to properly perform an intimate douche
Many of you are wondering how to use the enema bulb, which is equivalent to the intimate douche, and works both for vaginal and anal use. Enema bulbs incorporate a generally long and flexible spray tip, with a rounded end for easy introduction.

The enema bulb is an ideal accessory that will offer you irreproachable hygiene. For a perfect result, fill the bulb with warm water and then introduce it into your intimate area. The use of the enema bulb is effective and safe if done properly. Please note that cleaning your vagina and rectum before intercourse is not compulsory, but doing so will result in increased comfort.

What is the aim?

The vaginal douche can be performed for hygienic or therapeutic purposes. The use of the enema bulb for vaginal relations during menstruation allows deep cleansing of blood residues and also avoids certain unpleasant odours. In cases of vaginal mycosis, the intimate douche can be performed using water and apple cider vinegar. This hygiene practice is nonetheless advised against in healthy women, because it risks disrupting the bacterial environment of the vaginal flora.

The anal douche is becoming more common, as practising sodomy is no longer a taboo. In order to properly prepare for these intimate relations, it is preferable to perform an intimate enema.

Method of use

For an enjoyable experience, it is paramount that you are totally relaxed. Start by filling the bulb with lukewarm water, with hot water not being recommended while cold water will cause the sphincters to contract. Once you have filled the bulb reservoir, you will need to gently insert the tip into the anus. Then, you just have to press the pump to release the jets and they will thoroughly clean your intimate area, leaving the anal walls smooth and clean. Carefully remove the bulb and aim at the toilet.

Carry out the process several times if necessary, until the expelled water is completely clear. If the anal enema is performed correctly, the rectum will remain clean for several hours.

The enema bulb allows for comfortable and thorough washing. It is an essential hygienic accessory. Discover a varied selection of enema bulbs as well as the ultimate Squeeze Clean enema bulb on the Switzerland’s favourite sex shop!
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