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Sex Toys For Women

The best toys for women

Improve your sex life with our best sex toys, sexual stimulants and erotic accessories. offers a wide range of the bestselling sex toys for women in Switzerland: vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, anal beads… Share the fun with your partner or enjoy the pleasure on your own. Fun Factory, LELO and Womanizer offer high quality products with a great finish to experience new sensations. Free next day delivery on all items, buy now!

The sex toy of your dreams from

Get ready to fall for our carefully curated selection of sex toys for women. We have a huge range of quality sex toys made with the highest possible attention to detail, all ready and waiting to satisfy you!

The best way to choose a sex toy is to think about your sexual likes and dislikes. Would you enjoy a clitoral stimulator that will give your clitoris a heavenly massage? A supple silicone dildo for incredible penetration? A wooden dildo for natural pleasure? A rabbit vibrator that can stimulate your G-spot and clitoris at the same time? There is such a big range that sometimes it can be hard to decide which toy is right for you. That’s why our items have images, videos and practical information to help you choose.

Explore our different categories to find the toy that will take you to cloud nine. We’re sure every woman can find something that fills her with joy! Now it’s up to you to explore…

A sample of our selection

Dildos let you stay completely in control when you masturbate. They are the most well-known and oldest of sex toys, and the most widely used today. What makes them different from other kinds of sex toy is that they do not vibrate. Dildos are generally quite phallic, but they come in all shapes, materials and colours. These sex toys are suitable for vaginal or anal penetration.

Rabbit vibrators
Rabbit vibrators are multipurpose and have two distinct sections. Their insertable section stimulates the vagina and G-spot via vibrations and/or rotating beads, while the external section stimulates the clitoris. Give in to intense internal vibrations accompanied by external stimulation that will make your heart race.

Clitoral stimulators
These next generation toys will give you delectable clitoral stimulation. Specially designed for women, these clitoral stimulators will give you intensely erotic sensations. Clitoral stimulators can give you incredible orgasms at the touch of a button. Most of them work using vibrations, with some using massaging motions, and a few working without direct contact by micro-suction. With 8000 nerve endings, this little bundle of nerves is the surest way to ecstatic pleasure.

Vaginal balls
Vaginal balls have existed for several centuries. They are used worldwide and are known to be effective. As well as their naughty appeal, these balls are also useful for building stronger, firmer muscles in your intimate areas. They tone the pelvic floor, strengthen the perineal muscles and fight against incontinence. They are especially useful after giving birth. If you do your Kegel exercises with these balls, the effects of giving birth are reduced. Your sensations and sensitivity will be greatly increased, and you will have more control over your muscles during sex.

Vibrating eggs
Vibrating eggs let you spice up time spent with your partner. They mean the two of you can enjoy sexy fun in public without anyone knowing, as they are remotely controlled. Ride on a wave of pleasure and enjoy electrifying sensations without touching with these brightly coloured little eggs. These little erotic accessories have remote controls, so you can enjoy intense vibrations that are still highly discreet. Give the remote control to your partner, and they can turn the egg on whenever they like.

Connected sex toys
Discover the latest advances in sex toy technology. These new toys are now connected and smartphone-enabled! You can now explore previously unknown pleasures using technology, thanks to the Bluetooth technology inside these new sex toys. The sensations are more varied and more intense, solo sex is more pleasurable and couples can experience more together thanks to the way these sex toys combine the erotic and the high tech.


You can discover many world-famous brands such as Womanizer, Fun Factory, LELO, Fifty Shades of Grey and many more via our online sex shop.

Order the ultimate sex toys, directly online at our erotic shop. Abandon yourself to intense internal vibrations while letting the thrilling external ripples stimulate you, with these online sex toys. These online vibrators feature sensual, sophisticated curves, adapted to the female body. Let yourself be charmed with our range of online sex toys, which we have carefully selected for you. We have a wide selection of quality intimate toys with neat finishes, just waiting to satisfy you.

A vibrator for women can provide out of this world sensations and incredible orgasms - you’ll experience pleasure you’ve never even dreamed of before. Throw caution to the wind and explore your erogenous zones. The best gift you can give yourself is a fulfilling sex life! The online sex shop lets you buy your sex toys discreetly and with a secure payment process. Choose a vibrator or other sex toy and treat yourself. Discreet delivery, with free priority shipping throughout Switzerland.
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