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Pages: 1234

The latest Customer Reviews

Shunga Dragon Virility Cream - 60 ml

Shunga Dragon Virility Cream - 60 ml

Some like it hot

By aliveandkickin on 12/02/2017

And it gets hot. In your head (both), in bed, and in your lover. According to my partner it also helped him to retain his excitement. I found it to be both hot and cold, which was exciting as well. The taste of it was also very nice.

Libido Power - Libido booster & Stimulant (for him & her)

Libido Power - Libido booster & Stimulant (for him & her)

It works!

By Markus on 15/09/2016

Have been sceptical about how these types of non-prescriptive pills and creams work since previous experiences have been a bit of a let down. Happy to say the results were really good and lasted more than the five hours :))

pjur analyse me! Anal spray - 20 ml

pjur analyse me! Anal spray - 20 ml

Amazing Product

By chrissyboo on 23/02/2016

Since my boyfriend doesn't like bottoming (anal sex) cause we tried a couple of times but it was very uncomfortable for him we stopped trying! But then I found this anal spray product and we gave it a try! And it does its Job, it makes anal penetration very comfortable and enjoyable! Definitely recommended to everyone, and especially for those who never tried anal sex cause they thought that it would be painful! This product makes definitely everything better!

Pheromen Eau de Parfum - Pheromones (for him) - 15 ml

Pheromen Eau de Parfum - Pheromones (for him) - 15 ml

Tip top

By Frank on 23/12/2015

Sito vermanete buono facile da usare e le spedizioni sono velocissime. Tutto perfetto continuero' di sicuro a ordinare solo da voi.

Andro Vita Pheromones Perfume (for him) - 2 ml sample

Andro Vita Pheromones Perfume (for him) - 2 ml sample

Fast delivery

By aj on 15/12/2015

It's a good product and the delivery service of this website is amazing. I recommend that to everyone for purchase.

Shunga Dragon Virility Cream - 60 ml

Shunga Dragon Virility Cream - 60 ml


By Diana on 25/11/2015

It was the first time I tried a cream with a hot-cold effect. Very interesting feelings. As for a woman, natural lubrification happens faster that usual and the heating effect is very pleasant. My husband liked it too. The cream is easy to wash away. I would definitely recommend it for those who like to try new things out.

Increase your sexual performance with the best aphrodisiacs and sexual stimulants available in Switzerland. Boost your libido and get more intense orgasms with an easier to achieve, more enduring and stronger erection. These sexual stimulants will help you enjoy and share a more fulfilling sexuality.

Switzerlandís favourite sexual stimulants

Once a taboo subject, sexual stimulants are now a part of many of our daily lives. You can use them to remedy your erectile problems, to boost your libido, to spice up your intimate relationships or to ensure your partner finds you more desirable than ever before. These stimulants will quickly become essential, thanks to their "magic" powers which will increase your sensations, your stamina as well as your libido.

Gentlemen, we have selected for you our top 5 of the best sexual stimulants and aphrodisiacs for erectile dysfunction!

Switzerlandís top 5 sexual stimulants for men

Gun Oil Stroke 29 masturbation cream
This excellent cream will offer a lubricating power far superior to traditional lubricants. Gun Oil has developed a cream with an effect that improves as it is used. Solo pleasure will become even more satisfying with this masturbation lubricant.

Andro Vita Pheromones Perfume This perfume with pheromones for men has an incredible power of attraction on the fair sex. The attraction effect of these substances no longer needs to be proven, itís a must to try out.

TOKA orgasm enhancer stimulating gel
This TOKA stimulating gel is 100% natural, it increases the sensitivity of the penis and glans, for more intense and incredibly pleasurable orgasms!

Amor Delay Forte ejaculation delay spray
This sexual delay spray for men does wonders! Small, discreet and practical, this spray will make your life easier by counteracting premature ejaculation. Wearing a delaying condom can also be very effective.

Apronal anal spray
Men also have the right to discover the pleasures of anal penetration. The Anal Apronal spray offers an effective solution to relax one of the most intimate male parts, in order to facilitate penetration.

Want to increase by several centimetres? Our online sex shop offers you the best tools to develop your penis. Opt for a Bathmate water penis pump or a professional penis enlarger from Bathmate or Andropenis. These three manufacturers have already proven themselves for several years in the field. We also offer tablets and cream to help enlarge your penis.

When can we start to talk about early ejaculation? The phenomenon cannot be defined simply using the time criterion. It can be characterised more by the notion of control. When ejaculation becomes an uncontrolled and uncontrollable reflex, then we can talk about premature ejaculation. Itís a disorder as common as it is taboo, but far from being an illness, premature ejaculation is very disabling for those who suffer from it. offers numerous items to help prevent and fight against premature ejaculation.
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