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Stimulants & Arousal Gel

Aphrodisiacs & sexual stimulants are the key to a fulfilling sexuality. Use an orgasmic gel such as Durex Play O to experience intense orgasms. Buy intensifying creams and sexual stimulants to boost your sex life and increase your libido. And to become just irresistible adopt the power of attraction by using our pheromones perfumes.
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Pages: 1234

The latest Customer Reviews

Spanish Fly Extra - 15 ml (for her)

Spanish Fly Extra - 15 ml (for her)


By renato on 30/01/2017

Muito obrigado pela vossa atençao,chegou no prazo e com eficiencia. e recomendo com toda a garantia. vou encomendar brevemente mais coisas. um abraço e continuem assim.

Libido Power - Libido booster & Stimulant (for him & her)

Libido Power - Libido booster & Stimulant (for him & her)

It works!

By Markus on 15/09/2016

Have been sceptical about how these types of non-prescriptive pills and creams work since previous experiences have been a bit of a let down. Happy to say the results were really good and lasted more than the five hours :))

Doc Johnson Deep Throat Oral Anesthetic Spray - Strawberry

Doc Johnson Deep Throat Oral Anesthetic Spray - Strawberry

Good to learn

By DeepInside on 22/08/2016

We bought this deep throat spray with my wife because she has a really strong gag reflex but she wanted to learn how to deep throat for my pleasure. Obviously the taste is not the strong point of the product, and if you put too much or not deep enought (like if you spray the tongue or the palate) it won't be very effective and it is possible that it anesthetise your penis. But, if you apply it well in the deep mouth, let it diffuse for a minute and let the person giving head going on his own, it… Read more

Bijoux Indiscrets Nip Gloss - Cooling & Warming

Bijoux Indiscrets Nip Gloss - Cooling & Warming

nip gloss red and white

By chantal on 09/08/2016

very nice box and useful gloss for pleasure for the night's sexual enjoyment not only to be used by the man but also for the couple.

Doc Johnson Deep Throat Oral Anesthetic Spray - Mint

Doc Johnson Deep Throat Oral Anesthetic Spray - Mint


By Osman on 20/07/2016

Me and my partner love very nice product it and we are happy with your super delivery service thank you.

pjur analyse me! Anal spray - 20 ml

pjur analyse me! Anal spray - 20 ml

Amazing Product

By chrissyboo on 23/02/2016

Since my boyfriend doesn't like bottoming (anal sex) cause we tried a couple of times but it was very uncomfortable for him we stopped trying! But then I found this anal spray product and we gave it a try! And it does its Job, it makes anal penetration very comfortable and enjoyable! Definitely recommended to everyone, and especially for those who never tried anal sex cause they thought that it would be painful! This product makes definitely everything better!

The favourite sexual stimulants of the Swiss

Once a taboo subject, for many of us sexual stimulants are now a part of our “everyday”. You can use them to boost your sex drive, to spice up your intimate relationships or to make you more desirable than ever in the eyes of your partner! These stimulants will soon become indispensable, thanks to their "magic" powers that will multiply your sensations, your endurance as well as your libido.

We have selected for you Ladies, our top 5 of the best sexual stimulants and aphrodisiacs!

Swiss Top 5 sexual stimulants for women

EROS Relax Woman relaxing spray
EROS Relax Woman anal relaxation spray is a very effective solution for experiencing completely relaxed and pleasant intimate anal relations.

Durex Intense Orgasmic gel
Bestseller from the Durex range, this stimulating orgasmic gel for women is intended to accentuate feminine pleasure.

Libido Power
Libido Power pills will help boost the sexual performance of both men and women.

Pherofem eau de toilette
This erotic perfume with natural pheromones will give unprecedented sexual attraction to anyone who wears it.

Deep Throat spray by Doc Johnson
An amazing product that alleviates nauseous reflexes in order to offer a "deep throat" blowjob to your partner. This discreet and practical little spray for use during oral sex, comes in several different aromas (mint, cherry, strawberry and cinnamon).
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