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Cop Uniform Sexy Policeman Costume (S/M)

from Roxana
from Roxana
This product is discontinued and no longer available on our sex shop. Please choose another item in the suggestions below.
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This evening, your partner is in for a full body search and will be helping you with your enquiries!

Put on this Roxana Cop Uniform outfit and spend the evening as a very strict police officer... your investigations are sure to get to the very bottom of the matter!

This sexy policeman costume includes a pair of men’s boxer shorts, a combined collar and tie and a policeman’s cap. The boxers and cap are marked “Police”. The boxers and tie are made of black satin-finish material, and the collar and cap are matt black.

The handcuffs and sunglasses pictured are not included.

Material: 100% polyester
Size: S/M

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Cop Uniform Sexy Policeman Costume (S/M)

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