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Shock Therapy Pleasure Panties (S/L)

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A thong with an integrated electrical stimulation system.

You've probably already heard of the vibrating thong. Discover Shock Therapy Panty, the electro-stimulation thong! With this original sex toy, you will discover new and unique sensations. Discreet and practical, this electro-stimulation thong will introduce you to the pleasures of electrostimulation, from mild tingling to intense electrical shocks, used on one of your most erogenous zones…

Suitable for beginners as well as more experienced users, this thong will direct pleasant tingling sensations directly to your lower abdomen and vaginal area. Try it alone or with your partner for a pleasant massage or electrifying foreplay!

The portable and removable control unit fits on the front of the thong in the intended location. With it, you can choose the intensity of the pulses via a setting wheel, as well as the distribution frequency (slow or fast).

The Luv Touch compact control unit can be used alone or with the Shock Therapy thong. To use it on its own, simply change to "IN" mode, and the oval centrepiece of the control unit will deliver electrical impulses. To go back to using the control unit with the thong, simply go back to "OUT" mode and connect the thong using the jack.

Package Contents: one Luv Touch control unit, one Shock Therapy thong (one size), an eye mask and a CR 2032 battery.

Power Supply: 1x CR 2032 (included)
Size: S/L

Shock Therapy Pleasure Panties (S/L)

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