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Shunga A Touch of Romance Collection

from Shunga
from Shunga
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A magical Shunga set that will highlight your intimate moments allowing you to reach unforgettable orgasms...

Have fun painting the delicious aphrodisiac Chocolat bodypaint all over your lover's body and then enjoy the decadent treat.

Enjoy the pleasures of giving or receiving a sensual massage with the Shunga exotic fruits erotic massage oil. A shuddering skin coated with soft natural aphrodisiac oil that shivers under sensual touches and caresses...

A climax of pleasure... the Sensitizing gel "Black Lotus" heightens clitoral sensitivity for her and enhances sensations of the penis for him.

- Edible aphrodisiac chocolate bodypaint with its little paint brush - 125 ml
- Erotic massage oil with tropical fragrance - 125 ml
- Organismic gel for him and her "Black Lotus" - 60 ml

Shunga A Touch of Romance Collection

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