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Sisters Republic

Sisters Republic

Sisters Republic offers washable menstrual panties that are revolutionising the way we experience periods! These undergarments all incorporate effective 12-hour period protection, while being particularly comfortable and environmentally friendly and looking sensual. Thanks to these innovative panties, say goodbye to irritating tampons, sanitary pads that never stay in place or full menstrual cups without a sink to rinse them in. Finally feel beautiful and free, even during your period! Discover this alternative miracle solution offered by Sisters Republic, available at a very attractive price on our online sex shop Delivery is both fast and discreet, so don't wait another cycle to order these practical and seductive panties!
Sisters Republic is a French brand that designs menstrual panties and is dedicated to making menstrual protection effective, comfortable, long-lasting and, above all, glamorous.

Discover THE new revolutionary trend in sanitary protection

Both disposable sanitary products such as tampons or pads and reusable solutions such as menstrual cups have many drawbacks when it comes to retaining menstrual flow. Whether it is their dubious composition (glyphosate, chemicals and other allergens), their risk of toxic shock syndrome or their problematic recycling, no product available on the market has been able to fully satisfy the demand of women for menstrual protection. Sisters Republic developed these menstrual panties to fill this gap on the market.

The 8 qualities of menstrual panties:

Winner of the Victoires de la Beauté 2021–2022 award for its Sidonie panties, Sisters Republic makes menstrual panties with the following 8 great qualities:
• ultra-thin material
• high-performance absorption
• a leak-proof barrier
• an anti-bacterial fabric that neutralises bad odours
• rapid drainage of the liquid inside the protection, thus evacuating moisture to leave a permanently dry surface
• a charming and sexy look that will delight every woman... but also their partner
• an environmentally friendly solution in every respect, as they are reusable and chemical-free
• unequalled comfort of use thanks to its ultra-soft fabric

Try these menstrual panties and you won't be able to resist them!
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