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Ceylor Tight Feeling - Hotshot (6 Condoms)

Ceylor Tight Feeling - Hotshot (6 Condoms)

very good

By Don Juan on 15/08/2021

Very good quality, size is perfect for medium penis, girl had fun, I had fun, what else? ;) Have safe sex and use condoms my friends out there!

Ceylor Tight Feeling (100 Condoms)

Ceylor Tight Feeling (100 Condoms)

Excellent snugger fit condom

By Ralph on 04/04/2020

This condom is realy amazing. It is made for those men who have a long thin penis. My penis measures 6.8 inch (17.5 cm) long and 4 inch (10.1cm) girth. So if you have a long and thin penis these are excellent. They are a bit difficult to put on in the beginning but once it is on it feels great.

Small condoms are narrower and shorter than standard condoms. They are designed for smaller penises and reduce the risk of the condom coming off during sex. Small condoms are also suitable for teenagers.
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