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Sphere Specs | 3D vision helmet

SphereSpecs 3D Virtual Reality Headset for Smartphones

4.5 out of 5 (2 reviews)
SphereSpecs 3D Virtual Reality Headset for Smartphones CHF 39.90

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Itís finally here - high-quality 3D at an affordable price! Discover SphereSpecs 3D-360, a 3D virtual reality headset which is compatible with most Smartphones.

SphereSpecs 3D is a virtual reality headset designed to hold a Smartphone and enabling you to view images, videos or films in three dimensions (3D).

Follow these simple steps to get the best out of the headset!
1. On your smartphone, select the video, film, app or 3D-360 image that you wish to view. If you havenít yet done so, visit the site, where youíll find a wide range of images, videos and more.

2. Download and launch your 3D multimedia content on your Smartphone.

3. Position your Smartphone inside your SphereSpecs 3D headset. For multimedia files containing sound, you can either leave your Smartphone's speakers turned on, or use earplugs to make the experience seem even more real.

4. Place your SphereSpecs 3D headset on your head, sit back and let the magic happen!

Compatibility: The SphereSpecs 3D headset is compatible with most of the Smartphones on the market, with a screen size of 4.7 - 6 inches. Put simply, if your Smartphone is no longer than 15.4 cm and no wider than 8.2 cm, it will be compatible with SphereSpecs.

SphereSpecs 3D Virtual Reality Headset for Smartphones

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4.5 out of 5 (2 reviews)

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