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Sportsheets Edge Dragon Kiss dual whip

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Sportsheets Erotic toys
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Give your sub intense punishment with this dragon-tongue whip. Featuring two large calf leather straps, this accessory lets you give a really good whipping.

Made from real calf leather, this Sportsheets Edge Dragon Kiss whip stands out due to its dragon-tongue design with two straps. Inflict exceptionally intense punishments and leave visible marks on your sub.

The handle has a safety strap and stays securely in your hand.

Materials: 80% calf leather, 10% rubber, 8% RBS-E and 2% nylon
Total length (excluding strap): 68 cm
Length of handle: 27 cm
Diameter of handle: 2.8 cm
Length of straps: 32.5 cm
Width of straps: 2x 1.8 cm
Colour: Black

Sportsheets Edge Dragon Kiss dual whip

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