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Sportsheets Lover's Kit Lace Blindfold & Cuffs - Red

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Stunningly elegant, this restraint kit adds a daring element to any romantic adventure.

Soft lace and satin ribbon create a comfortable system that adjusts easily and feels as good as it looks. Kit contains two wrist cuffs and one mask.

Tonight, I'm no longer his wife or the mother of this children. I'm his mistress; looking for a forbidden adventure in a quaint hotel near our home.

The black lace negligee he picked out a few days ago slipped easily over my head but clung to my curves in just the right way. One last glance in the mirror to check my lipstick and I was ready to make my entrance.

I stepped out of the bathroom and found him waiting, seated by the window, framed in the fading twilight. "You're breathtaking", he said. His eyes moved over me as the compliment hung in the air. I glanced around the room and noticed a trio of lacy items laid carefully on the corner of the king sized bed. "For me?" I asked coyly. The satin and lace blindfold and matching wrist cuffs were a beautiful compliment to my outfit. I began to drape one of the lace restraints over my arm, enjoying the feel of the fabric.

"I thought we'd try something my wife would never do", he teased. I promptly delivered the dainty yet deliciously daring articles to him and responded, "Good thing I'm here".

Material: Polyester and polyurethane
Colour: Red and black

Sportsheets Lover's Kit Lace Blindfold & Cuffs - Red

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5 out of 5 (1 review)

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