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Tenga 3D Masturbator - Polygon

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Tenga 3D Masturbator - Polygon CHF 44.90

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Tenga 3D. Sculpted Ecstasy.

The internal details of masturbation sleeves of the past have only held the purpose of providing stimulation. With the new process of Reversing > Washing > Drying however, the exposed internal details also serve as the external design.

One of the major design accomplishments of the Tenga 3D masturbator is the way the product perfectly fuses the modern, almost-sculpture-like aesthetic beauty, that once inverted, becomes the interior details that stimulate in a definite, gratifying way.

The Tenga 3D has a tray for temporary holding of the product while wiping off lubrication and other substances off of body, or for any other means of temporary holding, without having to leave it on a table or on its side which may cause contamination or leakage of lubricant.

The stand is used to dry the Tenga 3D after washing, and also acts as a stand for storage. This stand holds the Tenga 3D suspended in mid-air (with internal air-holes) so that even the insides are dry and bacteria-free.

Tenga 3D Polygon - A gliding form of satisfaction
A completely different sensation to existing male pleasure items from Tenga the Polygon is a very smooth glide with highly accentuated stimulus of the firm edges inside.

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Multiple randomly constructed triangles embellish its surface. Discover the firm constriction and accentuated stimulus that is hidden within the slippery glide of the polygonal faces and unexpectedly strong edges for a transcendental experience you have never felt before.

How to use the Tenga 3D
- Turn the Tenga 3D inside out
- Apply some lubricant
- Insert your penis while squeezing the air out

After use
- Stand the Tenga 3D on the tray to free your hands temporarily
- Invert the Tenga 3D while washing it inside and out
- Place it on the stand to dry
- Once dry, place the cover back on for storage

The Tenga 3D is made of antibacterial elastomer. Proper maintenance will give the Tenga 3D up to 50 uses.

A one-use amount of Hole Lotion Real (red) is enclosed with the product.

You can use any water-based lubricant with the Tenga 3D. We recommand the Tenga Hole Lotion or the Flip-Air Lotion.

Tenga 3D Masturbator - Polygon

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5 out of 5 (1 review)

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