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Tenga AIR-TECH SQUEEZE reusable Masturbator - Regular

Tenga AIR-TECH SQUEEZE reusable Masturbator - Regular CHF 32.90

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AIR-TECH Squeeze is the latest innovation from the famous Japanese brand Tenga. This reusable masturbator is equipped with a flexible casing, a system of air cushions, as well as an "Air-Flow" structure, which will allow you to modify the sensations lavished on your penis. This "Regular" model has an internal surface covered with ribbed nodules, for dynamic and mesmerising sensations!

Tenga offers you its new AIR-TECH SQUEEZE range: reusable masturbators, equipped with a flexible outer casing, a patented air cushion system, as well as a specific Air-Flow structure.

Adjust your pleasure to your desires!
Thanks to its flexible structure, its stimulation adapts to your desires. Just press AIR-TECH SQUEEZE lightly or firmly to decrease or increase the pressure and sensations experienced by your penis.

Simple to use
1. Remove the safety sticker from the masturbator.
2. Remove the supplied lubricant (tube placed inside the masturbator).
3. Pour the lubricant into the penetration orifice of the masturbator.
4. Insert your penis and enjoy!

Cleaning is just as easy
1. Remove the sleeve from its flexible casing.
2. Wash the sleeve with warm water and mild soap, then leave it to dry.
3. Replace the sleeve in the flexible casing.
4. Replace the cap and store your masturbator.

Available in 3 versions
Tenga AIR-TECH SQUEEZE is available in 3 different variations:
- Regular (red): internal structure covered with ribbed nodules, for dynamic and captivating sensations.
- Gentle (white): softer elastomer and internal structure covered with spiral ribs, for voluptuous and enveloping sensations.
- Strong (black): firmer elastomer and oblong and short internal structures, for intense and powerful sensations.

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Tenga AIR-TECH SQUEEZE Regular reusable men's masturbator
Flexible outer sleeve, to adjust the stimulation according to your desires
Air-Flow internal structure with air flow maximising stimulation
Hygienic, washable and without internal foam
Lubricant included

Materials: Elastomer, polypropylene, PS and PE
Dimensions: 17 x 8 cm
Insertable length: 16 cm
Insertable diameter: maximum 4.5 cm
Weight: 250 g.
Model: Regular

EAN : 4560220558157
Tenga AIR-TECH SQUEEZE reusable Masturbator - Regular

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