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Tenga Eggs Masturbators - Combo Pack 1 (pack of 6)

4.6 out of 5 (25 reviews)
This product is discontinued and no longer available on our sex shop. Please choose another item in the suggestions below.

Another revolutionary Tenga concept, the Easy Ona-Cap Tenga Egg. Cap yourself, stretch and enjoy!

Enjoy the phenomenal ribbed sensations of Tenga Egg masturbators. These little eggs are made out of a revolutionary material and are very compact in size, but will stretch and expand into larger size and shape.

With a sophisticated patterned internal design similar to other TENGA products, the egg delivers a whole new sensation with its unbelievable stretchability.

Simply unwrap, add the enclosed pouch of lube and indulge yourself in knee-trembling sensations with the super-tactile sleeves.

Perfect travel toys - pop them in your pocket and enjoy the ultimate ready-to-go-RIGHT-NOW orgasm!

Box content:
Clicker - With a wealth of patterned nodules and nubs in different sizes, shapes and textures, the Clicker Egg is one of our most popular. Stroking it up and down, twisting it left and right or squeezing and releasing provide extraordinary sensations.
Silky - Delicate ribbing wraps around the inside of the Silky Egg. Randomly intertwined, each of these smooth lines embraces you like silk.
Spider - Covered with a ribbed spider-web pattern, the Spider Egg is one of the most vividly stimulating! The all over texture provides 360-degree pleasure, no matter how you use it.
Stepper - Containing numerous rounded wedges facing up and down, the Stepper Egg provides constant stimulation. With each stroke the soft detailing massages your shaft bringing you closer and closer to the edge!
Twister - Sensual lines of satisfaction swirl from top to bottom in the Twister Egg. Moving towards the end gives you delicious squeezing sensations and twisting it with each stroke is simply phenomenal.
Wavy - When the large and soft waves travel over your head and shaft, it creates remarkable trembling stimulations. Enjoy the Wavy Egg as it stretches to surround and accommodate you completely.

EAN : 4560220550700

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Content: 6 Eggs (Clicker, Silky, Spider, Stepper, Twister and Wavy)

Tenga Eggs Masturbators - Combo Pack 1 (pack of 6)

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 (25 reviews)

By girlnextdoor on 29/12/2016
He liked it!

I offered this set of eggs to my boyfriend, and he really liked it. We used it together and we had a nice time. The texture is really smooth and the lube they give you is awesome as well. However, the egg was a little short for his size, meaning we couldn't really stretch is all the way to the base of his penis. We only used the egg once.

By NS on 09/01/2016
Nice sensations

It gives you nice sensations, quite well designed, it's a shame that they cannot be reused multiple times (2 or 3 times only).

By drnB on 07/12/2015
Overall, very good

Before hearing about Tenga, I wasn't into sex toys. Then I got to test one of these eggs, and I was very positively surprised. Depending on the model, the sensations vary from OK-ish to wow. More precisely, some of the soft boiled series are quite enjoyable, like the Clicker or the Wavy, and some others are just a tad too soft for my taste, like the Silky and the Spider.

The fact that it's disposable also helps a lot. But that's also one of the two downsides: it leads to more waste, and can be quite costly depending on how often you use them. Now, despite that, I can only recommend the Tenga Eggs.

By rivella90 on 14/08/2015

The eggs are fun but they are a bit small (not in tightness but short) and they sometimes break and you end up with an egg which has a hole on the top. If that happens you can't really reuse it.

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