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Tenga Egg Masturbator - Crater

4.6 out of 5 (43 reviews)
Tenga Egg Masturbator - Crater CHF 7.90

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Discover incredible sensations thanks to the different Tenga Egg masturbators. These little marvels are stretchable, adaptable to all penis sizes and are available in multiple models and textures, for a different sensation every time!

Tenga eggs are extremely easy to use: unwrap, apply the supplied dose of lubricant and let yourself be carried away by mind-blowing sensations and breathtaking orgasms!

This ultra-tactile masturbator is intended for single use, but can be reused if you use it with a condom. Tenga Egg masturbators are compact and discreet. They can be taken anywhere: simply slip them into your pocket and enjoy the ultimate climax at your fingertips.

Tenga Egg is available in the following variants:
Boxy - two-way inclined shapes for bi-directional pleasures.
Brush - entirely covered with long twisted nodules to accompany every movement.
Clicker - rounded ribs that will flood you with pleasure.
Cloudy - the thickest of the Tenga eggs, it offers a cloud formation that wants only your pleasure. You will feel like you are bouncing in its softness.
Crater - a design with geometric craters for even more pleasure.
Curl - energetic stimulation via geometric and twisted protrusions.
Lovers - a model designed for couples. It is distinguished from the others by its elegant appearance and its heart-shaped internal reliefs.
Mesh - the texture is composed of large meshes for exhilarating sensations.
Misty - tiny, honeycomb-shaped nodules for absolutely unique pleasure.
Ring - internal texture with rings, offering a unique and particularly intense tightening sensation.
Sphere - a unique design with large bulbous and ribbed orbs for an intense massage of the penis.
Shiny - the rising sun in the centre of this egg will surely "wake up" any penis and put a big smile on your face. Its radiating ridges effectively stimulate the entire circumference of the penis.
Silky - Its filaments imitate silk, for a sensation of envelopment, softness and pleasure.
Silky II - a delicately interwoven structure of filaments, for a caress comparable to that of the finest silk fabric.
Spider - its spider-web-like ribs will satisfy you in an unforgettable way.
Stepper - its two-stage ribbing will take you to the heights of pleasure.
Stud - featuring hexagonal protrusions, which will stimulate your penis at all times and in all directions.
Surfer - strong sensations thanks to large waves and nodules that accentuate the stimulation.
Tornado - covered with detailed spiral nodules, for a whirlwind of pleasure.
Thunder - with lightning-bolt-shaped ridges, for extra-intense stimulation.
Tube - with multiple ribbed walls for intense stimulation and explosive orgasms.
Twister - its swirling ribs will carry you away in a torrent of pleasure.
Wavy - Its undulating ribs provide incredible wave sensations.
Wavy II - its large, wavy, flexible ribs provide orgasmic wave sensations.
Wavy Cool Edition - its undulating ribs provide incredible wave sensations. Special edition supplied with a mentholated lubricant, for more intense stimulation.
Wind - design covered with vertical waves, offering gentle stimulation, both vertically and horizontally.

EAN : 4560220551448

Material: TPE
Contents: 1 Tenga Crater egg and a dose of lubricant.

Tenga Egg Masturbator - Crater

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 (43 reviews)

By frabracadabra on 19/06/2021
Very good experience

Very good feeling and easy to wash. Can be reused many times before it brakes, very similar to the real experience and fun to use also in a couple. Definitely suggested!

By Lori on 07/02/2021

Excellent product,
To be used as a couple's game also, to be bought again.
There are various types for various pleasures.
This is the best !

By Djohn on 01/10/2020
Wow effect

It is an amazing new experience. I haven't experienced this in a long time. It is convenient to take with you. And my wife reacted very well. For those who are looking for new sensations.

By Francisco F on 08/02/2020
I liked

The bad: a little small, it seems to me that it is only to give pleasure in the head mainly. The good: for the price and being disposable I see it quite well, it feels like oral sex without a doubt. I have used it more than 5 times, it depends how hard you give it will last. With your lubricant always, I'll try when it breaks in the head. But for the economic thing already when it breaks it is replaced and already, very easy to wash.

By Monika on 04/12/2018
Amazingly good

This product was a surprise for my husband. Great feeling, soft and adjustable, but... Too small. I think, that it is good only to 15 cm. Egg is too small to fit bigger penis, and broke after two times.

By Naughty on 18/03/2017
Great Buy and Must try

Its very handy and easy to use. Can bring it anywhere and it feels great using it and intense. All guys must try this as it feels like a good blowjob. Can quickly and easy to clean it after use. Fits all size and doesn't make a mess.

By MantaRay on 06/07/2020
Cool idea

A really fun toy! Gives a great feeling of oral sex. It takes a bit of time to learn how to hold it on the glans but it pays off.

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