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Tenga Egg Masturbator - Lovers

4.5 out of 5 (27 reviews)
Tenga Egg Masturbator - Lovers CHF 9.90

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Another revolutionary Tenga concept, the Easy Ona-Cap Tenga Egg. Cap yourself, stretch and enjoy!

Enjoy the phenomenal ribbed sensations of Tenga Egg masturbators. These little eggs are made out of a revolutionary material and are very compact in size, but will stretch and expand into larger size and shape.

With a sophisticated patterned internal design similar to other TENGA products, the egg delivers a whole new sensation with its unbelievable stretchability.

Simply unwrap, add the enclosed pouch of lube and indulge yourself in knee-trembling sensations with the super-tactile sleeves.

Perfect travel toys - pop them in your pocket and enjoy the ultimate ready-to-go-RIGHT-NOW orgasm!

Model: Lovers - Lovers Egg has been designed with couples in mind. It is distinguished by its elegant look and heart-shaped internal texture.

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Also available:
Clicker - With a wealth of patterned nodules and nubs in different sizes, shapes and textures, the Clicker Egg is one of our most popular. Stroking it up and down, twisting it left and right or squeezing and releasing provide extraordinary sensations.
Cloudy - The thickest of the TENGA EGG Series creates a cloud formation to drive you wild. With a rebounding sensation from its cloud-like walls, lose yourself in it's cushiony softness.
Crater - Geometric crater nubs design for more stimulation.
Misty - Tiny interior dot nubs design.
Shiny - A rising Sun in the center of the EGG will awaken any slow riser, with a surprising presence to put a gleaming smile on your face. It's radiating ribs stimulate around your shaft for a wild and unrelenting sensation!
Silky - Delicate ribbing wraps around the inside of the Silky Egg. Randomly intertwined, each of these smooth lines embraces you like silk.
Spider - Covered with a ribbed spider-web pattern, the Spider Egg is one of the most vividly stimulating! The all over texture provides 360-degree pleasure, no matter how you use it.
Stepper - Containing numerous rounded wedges facing up and down, the Stepper Egg provides constant stimulation. With each stroke the soft detailing massages your shaft bringing you closer and closer to the edge!
Surfer - Riding the lows and highs, these big wave stimulations are perfect for all thrill-seekers. With accentuated nubs for those surprise drops, see if you can control this gnarly ride!
Thunder - Lightning Bolt interior Ribbed design for a unique stimulation.
Twister - Sensual lines of satisfaction swirl from top to bottom in the Twister Egg. Moving towards the end gives you delicious squeezing sensations and twisting it with each stroke is simply phenomenal.
Wavy - When the large and soft waves travel over your head and shaft, it creates remarkable trembling stimulations. Enjoy the Wavy Egg as it stretches to surround and accommodate you completely.

Content: 1 Lovers Egg

Tenga Egg Masturbator - Lovers

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 (27 reviews)

By BillyGoat on 04/01/2021
I was surprised!

This was sent free with a pricey purchase, so thanks for that! Also, I was surprised that it actually felt really good. Very stimulating, with two climaxes in almost no time at all. For such a small and simple idea, it's very effective.

By YellowGirl on 15/11/2020
So fun

This egg made our sex life better! We use it as a couple to put some spice into foreplay! We are having so so much fun! Thanks kiss kiss!

By David on 14/09/2020
Surprised by this

I was pleasantly surprised by this little egg, I got it as a gift with a big order, and I must say I wasn't expecting much from it. But it is surprisingly easy to use and clean, very small to carry on a journey, and weights almost nothing. It's a different experience and an interesting alternative to the traditional method.

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