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Tenga Rolling Head Masturbator

3 out of 5 (1 review)
Tenga Rolling Head Masturbator CHF 14.90

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With the adoption of a flexible body, a range of stimuli to the penis head is now possible, including back-and-forth, right-and-left and rolling movements. You can also enjoy motions that you have never before experienced - a combination of rolling motions at the top and piston movements at the base. A new sensual sensation is also yours as you stimulate the sensitive head during and after ejaculation.

All TENGAs have lubrication inside. The lubrication consists of: purified water, glycerin, sodium polyacrylate, phenoxy ethanol, and paraben (allergy tested in Japan).

Material: TPE (interior), PE (exterior)
Size: 15 cm

Tenga Rolling Head Masturbator

Customer Reviews

3 out of 5 (1 review)

By Onan the Barbarian on 17/04/2016
Pleasant but a little disappointing

This was my first experiment with sex toys of any kind, at the suggestion of my girlfriend. I chose to try a Tenga product partly because they seemed to be the most highly regarded among male sex toys, and also because I found their general aesthetic and design philosophy preferable to a lot of the alternatives. Rather than trying to emulate the appearance of genuine human body parts, as occurs with toys such as Fleshlights, and thus creating an 'uncanny valley' effect, Tenga toys seem to be designed not to give a simulation of the experience of sex, in which case they would be likely to come off as the lesser of the two, but rather to be a very different, but nonetheless pleasurable experience, both in terms of appearance and of experience.

Given my motivation for choosing this, I was expecting quite a pleasant experience, and while it was nicer than 'normal' masturbation, it wasn't as different as I expected. The sensation of the interior was very pleasant. However, the 'rolling head' effect didn't really make any significant difference to the experience, and trying to use the fuction was just a slightly irritating distraction. Another minor issue was the opening. The entrance was uncomfortably tight despite, in theory, being suited to my own dimensions, and so until I was actually in (which took longer than I thought it would), it was quite uncomfortable.

I am still curious to try the Tenga brand, but I am pleased but ultimately disappointed by this example of it.

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