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Tenga Masturbators

Tenga is a Japanese famous male sex toy manufacture. You can experience unbelievable sensations using a Tenga masturbator.

The Tenga Onacups and Tenga Eggs are single-use male masturbators, they are discreet and easy to use.

The Tenga Flip Hole and Tenga 3D are reusable and easy to clean. All these masturbators come in awesome versions and have a unique design! sex shop has the full Tenga collection in stock and ready to deliver.
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Pages: 123

Tenga Japanese male masturbators

Japanese male masturbators by Tenga

The Japanese company Tenga specialises in innovative and remarkable male sex toys. At the forefront of technology, these sex toys are a real phenomenon in their homeland, because they allow men to discover another way of enjoying intimate pleasures. Since the emergence of the brand on the market, these sex toys for adults quickly became a great success and were immediately propelled to the forefront thanks to their incredibly realistic designs. Equipped with an elastomer inner sleeve, they emphasise the various properties of their male masturbators, proclaiming their products as revolutionary in the field of individual sexual pleasure.

These sexual products are full of surprises and you'll be blown away by the sensations, stimulations, and emotions provoked by these little sex toys. The material, the different textures, every part of these toys have been designed to provide the best possible sensations. They offer a wide range of masturbators reproducing different sexual positions or feelings, like deep throat, vaginal penetration, the Andromache position (the woman on top of the man), missionary (conventional) penetration or anal penetration. Their particularly discreet designs make it impossible to guess their contents. What's more, their reasonable size will allow you to take them with you anywhere.

These masturbators are made of thermoplastic elastomer, for sensations that are realistic as possible. In order to vary sensations and respond to individual desires, this brand has more than twenty models of masturbators in their range. The imitation vaginas are hygienic, offer sensations that you have rarely felt before, and most of them are reusable (like the Fleshlight sex toy collection). They offer a range of AIR-TECH masturbators, available in different varieties, for a surprising suction sensation on the penis. There is also the 3D range, whose outer structure becomes the inner structure when in use.

The Tenga Eggs series: one-of-a-kind little eggs that each provide a different kind of stimulation with multiple ridges. They are available individually but also in packs of 6. The Japanese founder has thought of everything in order to make the use of these small intimate toys very enjoyable.

This company offers various intimate lubricants to use with their masturbators, like the one that looks like jelly, but becomes more fluid when you spread it, with some having a heating or cooling effect. For ideal and realistic sensations, the stick will allow you to warm up the sleeve of your masturbator. To keep your masturbator in great condition for as long as possible, we recommend you conduct your intimate sessions while wearing ultra-thin condoms. Their inner sleeves are easy to clean with a cleaning solution for sex toys or with warm water and soap. recommends using a water-based lubricant, for optimal convenience and ease of use.

Finally, Tenga has thought about feminine pleasure by developing a line of modern vibrators. The women's collection includes various models of intimate toys, discover all their features today on the Swiss sex shop. All male masturbators and female vibrators are in stock.
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