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The Cone Vibrator - Black

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We hope you have as much fun with it as we have!

The Cone doesnít follow the norm when it comes to shape, but donít be fooled, the hands-free design will leave you more than satisfied. The innovative shape hits all the spots and the funky, contemporary style means it doesnít need to be hidden away in the bedroom drawer.

Enjoy waves of pleasure with 16 automated programmes including an orgasm button for the less patient. Great fun to use on your own or even more fun for two.

The shape has several benefits, it's hand-free to start with and because its only moderately penetrative, our testers found that it seems to tighten the area in which it was being used! We are still looking into the benefits of this in muscle rehabilitation for post-pregnancy and incontinence sufferers with possible benefits for anti-natal use too. Users noticed an increase in libido and increased sensitivity too!

With a powerful 3 Volt, 3000 Rpm Gold Brush Motor, and 16 in-built programmes (which vary the vibration speed and frequency up to 30Hz), the Cone provides excellent all-round entertainment!

Material: Silicone rubber
Size: 19 x 12.5 cm
Weight: 780 g
Power supply: 3x LR14 batteries (not included)
Colour: Black

The Cone Vibrator - Black

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