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Tracy's Dog Dual - Vaginal and clitoral stimulator - Pink

Tracy's Dog Dual - Vaginal and clitoral stimulator - Pink

Half Half

By Dani_D on 28/06/2022

The experience started on a bad note, as the initial product received was defective, but thanks for the team for attending to this issue as quick and prompt as possible to ensure a replacement in a timely manner. Now, why do i say half half? because this simulator is Dual, so lets split it into two: 1- the vaginal vibrator part: ideal size & shape to simulate the g-spot and very powerful & effective vibration intensities and modes. So you'll find what's good for you, i have no doubt… Read more

Experience the sexual pleasure you deserve!

Tracy's Dog is an American company dedicated to bringing you the sexual satisfaction and well-being you deserve. To do this, the company works closely with sexologists and sex therapists, while taking into account the comments of its customers, in order to design sex toys that will satisfy all your desires. Whether you're part of a couple or single, Tracy's Dog has THE sex toy to suit your anatomy and your desires. Indeed, the range available is vast and varied so that everyone can find the rare pearl they need. Among all their products, the two sex toys that created a buzz on social networks when they were released, namely the Rose clitoral stimulator and the Dual clitoral and vaginal stimulator, are available in stock and without complication on our online shop, Switzerland’s favourite platform.

The values of Tracy's Dog

Tracy's Dog wants to promote a healthy and fulfilling sex life whether you are hypersexual, asexual or otherwise. Their sex toys are designed to make you feel confident and comfortable with your body during your naughty moments to give you new sensations accompanied by powerful orgasms.

For two years, the brand has dedicated itself to the development of its sex toys by carrying out thousands of tests on the functionalities of their devices in order to design the toys that will best satisfy you. Each model is developed with innovative technology dedicated to your pleasure, because having orgasms is healthy and gives you an irresistible charm…

Made of high-quality, hypoallergenic silicone, these sex toys are easy to clean and environmentally sustainable. So, thanks to Tracy's Dog, you will finally own orgasmic, aesthetic and thoughtful sex toys!


Here is the famous "Tracy's Dog Dual" sex toy that is currently causing a buzz on social networks, available in stock and without complications, from! This 2-in-1 sex toy stimulates the clitoris, without direct contact, by pressure waves, while at the same time stimulating the vagina and the G-spot by divine vibrations. Thanks to it, you will experience incredibly intense orgasms, easily and as often as you want! A real MUST, totally waterproof, USB rechargeable and easy to use!


Introducing the Tracy's Dog Rose clitoral stimulator, undoubtedly one of the bestsellers of the year! Inspired by a rose, this sex toy stimulates the clitoris with a variety of pressure waves (10 modes), to give you incredible orgasms. Compact, elegant, easy to use, 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable, this stimulator has it all!
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