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Trojan G. Spot G-spot-stimulating condom (10 Condoms)

Trojan G. Spot G-spot-stimulating condom (10 Condoms) CHF 24.90

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Here is Trojan G. Spot, an innovative condom, which will offer your partner even more pleasure and sensations! This condom is equipped with a ribbed and mobile surface, specially designed to stimulate the G-spot during sexual intercourse. This pack includes 10 Trojan G. Spot condoms.

Trojan G. Spot is no ordinary condom. This condom was designed to offer more sensations and increase the pleasure of your partner during sexual intercourse, by providing additional stimulation on a specific area: the G spot!

To provide this targeted and specific stimulation, the surface of the condom has micro-ribs, which move according to the penetration movements, to stimulate the erogenous zone of the G-spot.

Trojan G. Spot condoms are made of natural rubber latex; they are an effective method of contraception and provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases. They are lubricated, equipped with a reservoir tip and electronically tested to ensure maximum reliability.

Trojan G. Spot can be used just like a regular condom, however it is important to place the micro-ribbed surface on the top of the penis when unrolling the condom, so that this surface is positioned correctly during intercourse and stimulates the G-spot correctly. Note that the position of the stimulating surface should be inverted (and therefore placed on the bottom of the penis) during certain sexual positions (doggy style, spoons, etc.).

Pack of 10 Trojan G. Spot condoms in natural rubber latex
Micro-ribbed and mobile surface, stimulates the female G-spot
Lubricated condoms, with a specific shape and a reservoir tip
Protects against STDs and provides effective contraception
Suitable for vaginal penetration
Made in the USA

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Material: 100% natural rubber latex
Size: 53 mm nominal width - 190 mm in length
Contents: 10 Trojan G. Spot condoms

Important legal notice: Foreign standards for condoms are not the same as Swiss and/or European standards. This product is not CE marked and does not meet Swiss and/or European standards, although it does meet the standards of its country of origin. In Switzerland, this product is therefore not considered a medical device and is not suitable for medical purposes.

EAN : 0022600002277

Trojan G. Spot G-spot-stimulating condom (10 Condoms)

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