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Trojan Groove Condom (10 Condoms)

from Trojan
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from Trojan
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Trojan Groove is a condom specially designed to maintain optimum lubrication over a long period. It is covered with a greater quantity of lubricant than a traditional condom, and its particular structure retains the lubricant.

Trojan Groove is the condom of choice for intense and long-lasting sex! Thanks to its multi-channel external structure, it retains its lubricant for longer. According to Trojan, its lubrication is twice as good as a conventional condom.

The outer microstructure of Trojan Groove condoms improves the distribution of the lubricant, without the need to add any more, even for prolonged intercourse.

Pack of 10 Trojan Groove extra-lubricated condoms
Specific external structure improving distribution of the lubricant
Optimal lubrication during prolonged intercourse
Protects against STDs and unwanted pregnancies
Lubricated and ribbed texture
Suitable for vaginal or anal intercourse
Made in the USA

Material: 100% natural rubber latex
Size: 54 mm in diameter - 205 mm long
Thickness: 0.06 mm
Contents: 10 Trojan Groove condoms

Trojan Groove Condom (10 Condoms)

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