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Meiki Valentina (Plus) Love Doll Masturbator

from Kokos
from Kokos
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Valentina is an extremely sexy love doll from Kokos. Made from Soft Real Skin TPR material, which is exceptionally soft and feels realistic to the touch.

This incredibly realistic doll has been designed with careful attention to details: subtle makeup, welcoming lips and a generous bust. The doll weighs 6 kg, making it stable for hands-free use.

This Plus version has a vibrating, massaging stimulator for even more sensations.

Valentina has three penetrable orifices: mouth, anus and vagina. These are all tight, expanding to fit you during penetration. She can’t wait to meet you…

Material: Soft Real Skin TPR
Size: 50 x 23 x 20 cm
Weight: 6 kg

Meiki Valentina (Plus) Love Doll Masturbator

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